The 10 most important Game Boy games ever

On the 25th anniversary of Game Boy, Red Bull pick the most important games on Nintendo's handheld.

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waltyftm2265d ago

Zelda, SM Land and Kirby are my top 3, cool list but disagree with the Camera.

Tetsujin2265d ago

I remember when Game Boy first came out, I was one of the only kids in my elementary school with it, and my very first console until my parents bought me the NES that next year.

I also remember the arguments between Game Boy and Game Gear, which was better.

TitanUp2265d ago

the only games i had on my gameboy were pokemon games, didnt really need anything else those games took hundreds of hours of my childhood.

mario land actually sounds fun it seems like they were trying to do something different with the series.

waltyftm2265d ago

Both Mario land games are top quality, i would definitely recommend you giving them a go.

RosweeSon2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

It's a very different mario but for the hour or so it last worth a blast tho and that's before you try finding some of the secret lifts and things, as for the list I think if they changed pokemon red and blue for yellow and dr mario? (Really?) for wario land 1 think the list would be pretty spot on for the classic black and white gameboy games.could also try squeeze in balloon kid and alleyway into the list as well tho ;) donkey kong is absolutely amazing for the time tho plenty of levels to keep you busy ;)

TitanUp2265d ago

think this is talking about the black and white gameboy not gameboy color that is why pokemon yellow isn't listed.

RosweeSon2264d ago

Pokemon yellow was still original gameboy, it got released for a pokemon gameboy color (colour) but was still a standard gameboy game it wasn't until next gen (gold and silver) that they went full on gameboy color games, trust me I imported from America on launch ;( haha. Bit like donkey kong looked much better on Super Game boy but hey I still went and grabbed it the moment it released on virtual console (3ds) we just need the gameboy color games now. I.e resi (set on a boat?) and metal gear please ;)

Salta_nelas2265d ago

Some good memories..who did not take out the cartidge and blow, to put back on?? Classic when super mario land crashed in the falling "Nintendo" slogan.

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