PlayStation Plus: PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD Free for Members

By Kristine Steimer" :Your parental instincts are about to kick in with PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD – you’ll play as Tikiman who has to defend his offspring from the hordes of monsters in the forest. In this tower defense game you’ll strategically place weapons to help you whittle down the herd of creatures before they can make it to your children. "

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MasterCornholio3090d ago

I got this on my Vita and its a pretty strange game IMO.

TheTowelBoy3090d ago

No doubt it is quite unique.

FAT MAN GO BOOM3089d ago

This game is a blast on the ps3 or great on the go on the vita... glad this was put up I was looking at this game it is nice timing... cheers sony...