The 50 best Blu-ray Discs money can buy

Tech Rader share their list of the 50 best Blu-Ray movies on the market, encouraging people who just bought a Blu-Ray player and Playstation gamers who finished GTA 4 to pick up one or more.

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avacadosnorkel5609d ago

w/o "30 days of night"

The picture quality is better than in real life...and it's not a bad movie

Tempist5609d ago

A bad list... The British know nothing!

They've even listed The Tudors as an American production... Someone failed to do some basic research.


Epic deal sees high-end gaming laptop slashed as CS2 gains popularity

If you're looking for peak performance, portability, and prestige - all rolled into a value for money package, then this laptop deal is perfect for you.

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bunt-custardly5d ago

Is this a concerted effort to drive people away from N4G? Two lots of ads posts on top of each other in a short space of time. Doubled-up. Alongside obtrusive video and banner ads. FFS. This site is going to lose everyone but the most die hard. Or force adblock use. Maybe that is the intention here where N4G has struck a deal with adblocking tools/designers?

Jin_Sakai5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

After N4G sold to BGFG it’s become clear the site will never be the same. They push their own videogamer.com propaganda non stop. People should team up and start a new gaming site like how Resetera was born after the Neogaf fallout.

Double_O_Revan4d ago

Been using Adblocker for years. Those ads were bad back then. I don't even want to know what it looks like these days. They did this to themselves.

DavidLiam5d ago

Sort your shameless advertising out N4G. It's sickening.

Wintersun6165d ago

Can you fix these ads showing double on the front page? It smells like amateur in here.

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Take your gameplay to the next level with this premium RTX 4080 GPU deal

Looking to upgrade your PC in light of recently released CS2? Well, fear not, this Gigabyte RTX 4080 GPU deal is perfect for enthusiasts.

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purple1015d ago

There is adds at the bottom of the screen.

A banner at the top,

A non closable video box pops up

A click out box when in mid scroll downwards

And now your putting adds in the news feed.


sci4me5d ago

If there is an alternative site plz let me know 😏🤫. This is getting out of hand.

Palitera5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Looking for suggestions too.

I'd suggest a few, but, honestly, it's better if this community is kept here, "away from society" lol

Tacoboto5d ago

It's more than just this ad spam; the admins' biases manipulate the actual news too.

Any time Phil says something, multiple articles make their way through so that we here go into the comments and complain about him/Xbox. Ad revenue, fuel from the console war.

Any time something major happens with PlayStation, mods go into full force. The Jim Ryan emails from the FTC hearings - buried. Articles failed for being duplicates; the one article that made it through to the front page didn't mention Jim Ryan's emails in the headline.

Jump to Jim Ryan suddenly announcing his plan to retire this week - same situation. Every single article from every outlet reporting on it could be seen in the Failed list. The one headline making it to the front page, did not include his retirement in the headline but was worded "New Management Structure"

Because this site swings so favorably PlayStation, they deliberately flood us with opportunities to slam Xbox, but *actually moderate* when any news comes out that's not positive for PS.

So you think this community is awful, it's because they are and have been manipulating how we get to see the news.

anast5d ago

"So you think this community is awful, it's because they are and have been manipulating how we get to see the news."

Good thing you are aware of this and still here to enjoy all the entertaining negativity.

franwex4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I too would make a suggestion, but the Sony fanboys/ anti-Xbox brigade can stay here. Don’t want the infection to spread and this site confirms their bias anyway.

I have literally seen mods ridicule comments for subbing to a service here too.

RedDevils4d ago

Xbox fanboy with their excuses. Have you ever notices same things happens with anti Sony articles too? It comes in waves when there Bad news as well. But of course you couldn't see it.

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Jin_Sakai4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I browse N4G on iPhone using Adblock and it blocks all these ridiculous ads. Sucks that one of my favorite gaming sites has gone this route.



Use uBlock Origin browser extension you will have no ads at all. I also use Enhancer for YouTube, for no ads ever, preset your own resolution in the extension before watching any video as well.

purple1014d ago

Is that on pc mac or phone.?

Enhancer for YouTube sounds good thanks for the tip.

I got a OnePlus android phone but a MacBook Pro also


It's on PC or Mac, look for the extension if your using Chrome, Firefox, even Opera. I also have a Oneplus, the 10 pro

purple1014d ago

I only have a cheapo Nord2t

But the latest MacBook Pro.

Is encahcer available on safari?

Your so kind for helping. I could look this up but nice to hear it from someone with experience so do appreciate any help I really do, so thanks my friend

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Perfect for PS5 1TB WD_BLACK SSD sees mammoth discount as AAA games launch

Save big with this deal on the WD_BLACK 1TB SN850X NVMe Internal Gaming SSD Solid State Drive with Heatsink

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CDbiggen6d ago

Can you at least approve the actual news when you approve one of these? Hyenas has been cancelled and I've seen that everywhere else but here so far.