Halo 5 Plot Unfolds, Secret Events Revealed

"The Master Chief returns in 'The Next 72 Hours: Part 1'! After defeating the Didact, John-117 joined the crew of Infinity . . . but why did he leave?"

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christocolus3451d ago

E3 is 8weeks away. Soon we will get to see halo5.

Lawboy23451d ago

I honestly cant wait 3rd most anticipated game this year behind titanfall and destiny

CYCLEGAMER3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

I can't believe the hype for Destiny and Watch Dogs. This is not a troll, I seriously want to know why people are so hyped for Destiny? It doessn't seem graphically impressive, we don't know much about it, it doesn't seem to be a competitive game...why all the hype? Can someone answer this in a civilized way?

dmeador3451d ago

@MELMAN26 Because its Borderlands meets Halo made by one of the most well known companies in gaming.

Razmossis3451d ago


What I can't understand is why there is any hype for halo 5, considering it has nothing at all to do with Bungie anymore. I wouldn't be interested in a Metal Gear game not developed by Kojima. Just seems like Halo is selling its name now, forget about the quality or if it'll actually represent what the fans of the game originally fell in love with.

MazzingerZ3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

Worshiped Halo...with Bungie, the rest is just one more game like all Call of Duties, sure, it's a 1st party game so production values are high but it still misses the Bungie heart.

I buried Master Chief when Bungie did but I'd love to see Halo 2 remake rather than a new game, it would be awesome to finally play Halo 2 co-op as it was planned before MSFT just pressed Bungie to release Halo 2 without the planned features.


Well Halo is a well established franchise and 343 studios made a great Halo, honestly it was the best one I ever played. I always like Halo for its story and soundtrack but the graphics and overall feel of the game always felt outdated to me, until 343 came in and made the game look and feel as good as the story (don't care for any of halo's multiplayer), but what does Halo have to do with this....lol?

Maybe the fact that Bungie is bringing that same old look and feel to Destiny is the reason I'm am not feeling the hype....IDK

mikeslemonade3450d ago

This and Mk8 are overhyped. I just don't get it.

Azzanation3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

@Razmossis You do know that most of the original Halo team work for 343 now. Bungie is just a brand just like Rare. Halo was dead under Bungie and they simply ran out of ideas with the franchise and wanted to finish it at number 3. If Bungie had to make Halo 4 it would have been no better to 343's version. 343 did the best they could to recreate the franchise. They will only get better. Halo 4 had the best Mechanics, Sound, Graphics and Gameplay out of the lot. Its down side was the multiplayer (which was still very good) Like myself I play Halo for the campaign and the MP is just the cream on top, so if Halo 5's campaign is as good as Halo 4 then its a win.

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randomass1713451d ago

Destiny isn't an MMO, although Bungie says it's the closest we're gonna get to an MMO-like FPS.

Jughead34163451d ago

Yea, I haven't gotten an XBOX ONE yet. This may be a good reason to finally get it. Halo was one of my favorite franchises from the past 2 gens.

GarrusVakarian3451d ago

I can imagine a lot of people will be buying X1's purely for Halo 5. There are very few releases in this industry that are as big a deal as Halo. I love it when a new Halo game drops and everyone is playing online and having a great time...some of the best MP gaming ive ever had has been with this franchise.

randomass1713451d ago

Halo is their biggest franchise for sure. If the Halo TV show is a success, it can potentially push Halo 5 and Xbox One sales even further.

Shadonic3451d ago

I'm waiting until i see how MP is for a couple of months. Don't want to jump head first in like i did with Halo 4 buying seasons passes and everything because of Halo hype only to have a very disappointing halo MP to hang onto with a shrinking population.

Blaze9293451d ago

Halo + Xbox One + Kinect should be a very amazing experience for Halo fans

LAWSON723451d ago

Yeah Halo and Kinect don't go together and if they ever do there goes my interest and probably many others.

GarrusVakarian3451d ago

I'll take Halo and the X1 on their own. Halo doesn't need some gimmicky voice or motion controls to make it an amazing experience.

Although i suspect it probably will have Kinect features.

Blaze9293451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

@Lukas_Japonicus @LAWSON72 oh I just love you all's enthusiasm. The hate for Kinect is so strong you would even close any possibilities to a new gaming experience?

Who said Halo 'needs' Kinect? Let's be real, at the end of the day it's still Halo. Kinect can only improve on that, not make it worse.

I can imagine countless ways to utilize Kinect with Halo to make it a better experience. It's there. It's included with every system. Use it. How can we advance if we keep sticking the same style of gaming?

That's why Halo 4, although great in the single player department, was lackluster in multiplayer.

The gameplay, is just kinda old. I like when I'm gaming to go, "wow, that was pretty innovative."

Playing Dead Rising 3 and having the zombies respond to kinect noise - although not a big deal, still pretty innovative and cool. Shaking the control in natural reaction to a surprise zombie grabbing you to shake hold. That's what I'm talking about.

Possibilities are as endless as the designer who thinks of and is able to implement them.

Allsystemgamer3451d ago


Reacting to mic noise isn't new. In splinter cell chaos theory co op you could call out to enemy ai and they'd go check out the noise or if you were talking to your co op partner too loud they could hear you.

It's nothing new.

jnemesh3451d ago

When a "new gaming experience" translates into unrecognized voice commands, or misinterpreted gestures, yes, I am ALL FOR avoiding the hell out of it! EVERY Kinect enabled game works better by completely disabling the worthless device!

maniacmayhem3451d ago


"It's nothing new."

It doesn't have to be new, it just needs to be added to the overall experience. And if it makes the game that much more engaging or fun then everyone should be all for it.

This is why I never understand a lot of the comments on N4G, especially the ones who hate Kinect. If Kinect can add more to the gaming experience why not have it?

Too many on here are just plain cynical and most want new experiences or games but complain when a series tries something different or adds something more.

4Sh0w3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

Why does it have to be new? Kinect works great in DR3, Kinect adding options to core games is 1 of the few reasons I personally prefer X1 over ps4. That said HELL NO, I dont want Kinect as part if Halo's core gameplay mechanics but Kinect is in every box so I'd would be pretty disappointed if micro made us pay for it and did not utilize it too add small intuitive functionality in their biggest 1st party games. It's not for everybody but I just like the idea of advancing gameplay besides just graphics; one of the reasons I'm hopeful for sonys VR venture. Kinect can only enhance the experience when they use it properly, but either way the added functionality will be optional for the Kinect haters who are too embarrassed to yell a few voice commands or make some small hand gestures, as for me hell yeah I like variety of options in my games so bring it on, I'm hoping they push some very intuitive kinect stuff for Halo5.

Joey_Leone3451d ago

Kinect? Seriously, What planet are you living on? Never played halo4.. Don't care.

mhunterjr3451d ago

I'd like to see a kinect integration that works organically. Nothing shoehorn and out of place... But instead a feature that makes people say "halo with kinect is a little more fun without it. If they can't pull that off, then they shouldn't include kinect support.

Personally, I think it would be neat if Cortana (or whatever AI accompanies chief, could respond to commands and quiries, conversationally. They already have the voice recognition software built into the console, and are already building a virtual assistant named Cortana. Why not use that tech within the game.

Shadonic3451d ago

ONly thing I think kinect and halo can work together with is a sort of semi Cortana AI thing for the entire XBOne UI kind of like Siri.

Azzanation3450d ago

A lot of people forget that Halo Anniversary uses Kinect 1. It was used for scanning vehicles and weapons. If Halo 5 did that then that would be pretty neat. Haters are going to hate, but this is a good idea and I hope they use it. I am a big Halo fan and ill take all the innovations they can throw at me.

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Lawboy23451d ago

this is big this is really big...I wonder if this is true...didn't get to play halo 4....which sucks looking forward to halo 5

Naga3451d ago

You really should play it if you want to have any idea if what's happening in 5. Some really big things happened.