Check Your Local Sears; This Wii U Deluxe Sold For $99.97

Are you still holding out for that expected price drop before investing in a Wii U? Sadly, that day may not come soon enough for you. With all the upcoming titles scheduled to be released in the coming months, the time to purchase a Wii U is now. And you may be lucky enough to find a Wii U Deluxe Set (32GB) for under $100 dollars from one of your local Sears department stores.

That’s exactly the kind of deal that was found at the Sears located in Lincoln Park, Michigan. Specifically, the lucky person managed to purchase a brand new Wii U Deluxe Set for $99.97.

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randomass1712264d ago

Seriously. May just have to check my local Sears now.

badboy7762264d ago

Last name List. First name Craig's.

mikeslemonade2263d ago

I give it a year before WiiU is no longer viable. So just save your money until NIntendo brings there handheld/set-top box that will be BC to the WiiU.

3-4-52263d ago

Sears like 5 minutes from my house.

Just don't feel like going to The Mall. Not a mall person, and I just bought a Wii U.

Somebody else can enjoy the system as well.

GamerRising2264d ago

Holy price drop about to spend my Easter money their

Toon_Link2264d ago

I want in your family. All we do is eat BBQ and hangout together. I knew nothing of this Easter money you speak of! Good luck finding a Wii u and happy Easter!

Ripsta7th2264d ago

You know he prolly spend hours hunting eggs lol

randomass1712264d ago

I'd spend days hunting for eggs if I could Easter money lol. Count me in! XD

GamerRising2262d ago

Thanks man and a BBQ sounds awesome beats going to hooters and I thought everyone gets money

NovusTerminus2264d ago

I have the money... Just no Sears anywhere near me...

MultiConsoleGamer2264d ago

Same problem here. There isn't a Sears within 100 miles of my location.

elhebbo162264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Theres a Sears around where I live... I just have no money... *cries*

diehardmetallicafan2264d ago

yeah there's no sears in australia

DualWielding2264d ago

that is a reasonable price for the Wii U, if they sold it at that price normally then it would sell

randomass1712264d ago

Honestly, why would anyone expect such low prices for any of the new consoles. It's just downright absurd.

jon12342264d ago

yeah, they should sell new cars at this price too

randomass1712264d ago

Ha! If cars were that price, I would expect free gas as well. I don't even make a lot at my job and I ain't that cheap. XD

Th4Freak2264d ago

Yeah, that would definitely work if the PS4 wasn't selling like hotcakes lol, 7M sold in 5 months...

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wonderfulmonkeyman2264d ago

If you're poor, cheap, or don't understand the value of the console, then I guess you WOULD have that opinion.
The Wii U is worth more than $99, but take whatever deal you can find if that's what satisfies you.

DualWielding2263d ago

it depends on your tastes, if you are ab ig Nintendo fanboy who loves all Nintendo games then it might be worth Nintendo asking price, but there are lot of people there who only like one or two Nintendo games...... for example I like their 2D Platformers (mario and donkey Kong) but don't care about any other of their first party franchises (except pokemon which doesn't count as far as the Wii U goes because its handheld exclusive) I have a friend who likes Zelda but no other Nintendo game and antoher friend who likes Smash but no other Nintendo games.......

Given that Nintendo has no third party support if you buy the console you are only buying for the first party games, if you like them all then $300 is o.k... but that's the problem only the hardcore Nintendo fanboys are willing to buy the thing at that price... more regular fans who like one or 2 nintendo franchises but not all are not willing to pay $300 just for one or 2 games but may be tempted if the console was at a lower price

iplay1up22263d ago

I still find neat tricks I can do with the Wii U and Gamepad, a no My PS3/4 can not do them. I can switch from game to the net in two taps then back to my game, and the browser is great. I do however wish FLASH were supported, Pandora will not work because Wii U does not support it. A Pandora app would be great.

MegaRay2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

You can say that about any other console out there.
I would be happy if I can buy WiiU/PS4/XB1 for $299.99 only :)

Geekman2263d ago

At that price Nintendo would be making the same amount of money they are now.

NintySonySoft2263d ago

99 buckaroos for a wii u is reasonable..... lol i can't believe he said that...

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Fireseed2264d ago

I will be there tomorrow!

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