More gorgeous Mario Kart 8 gameplay videos

A collection of brand new Mario Kart 8 gameplay videos show just what's in store fir Wii U fans.

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Metallox2265d ago

I can smell those 60 FPS even in this YouTube video.

mikel10152265d ago

Smells like... *sniff* FRAMES PER SECOND

randomass1712265d ago

Ahhh, what a sweet aroma! :D

elhebbo162265d ago

That silky smooth 60fps...

3-4-52264d ago

I've been purposely avoiding any gameplay of this game after the initial video reveal a few weeks back.

* I've just always wanted the first time I experience something in a game, for it to be ME who is experiencing it for the first time, and not me watching it.

It usually has a more lasting nostalgic appeal, if you yourself experienced something for the first time, rather than watch it on video.

I only do this with games I KNOW I'm going to buy Day 1.

* It's the closest way I can replicate how it was in the 90's and not knowing anything about the game and just being surprised over and over again about how awesome a game is.

* It allows me to form my own opinion better.

But yea I understand wanting to watch these to see if it's "for you" or not.

randomass1712265d ago

Just over a month... couldn't come soon enough.

1nsomniac2265d ago

Game looks awesome! Wasn't sure about the fireball powerup at first, looked a bit overpowered but thinking about it, it makes sense seeing how it was such a big part of the Mario franchise.

I loved the fact they got some one to play/preview it who was actually really good. Instead of the usual PR idiots that have never played an actual game in their life & spend the whole video crashing into things & walking into walls repeatedly. Game looks good!

choujij2265d ago

Looks well polished. Can't wait!

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The story is too old to be commented.