Knuckles Spins Off Into Own Game in Knuckles Chaotix on Sega 32X: Today in History- April 20th, 1995

Carl Williams writes, "Knuckles was one of the few secondary characters from a game to get their own game (Zero the Kamikaze squirel was another). Sega saw something in the little red echidna, enough to warrant at least one outing of his own. Too bad it was on the ill-fated Sega 32X platform and not the much better received Sega Saturn, that hit not too long after."

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Yui_Suzumiya2273d ago

Owned a 32X after it came out :3

HarryMasonHerpderp2273d ago

Never knew this existed. Really want to play it now >_<

hankmoody2273d ago

I had that game and it was pretty awful.

YoungKingDoran2273d ago

This game has a steep learning curve, but once you master the mechanics it's a great sonic game, up there with sonic 3 for level design.

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