The Excitement for Mario Kart 8 sheds some light on Nintendo’s Wii U Problem

Iran White writes:

Today, is all about Mario Kart 8. The game where for the first time it seems, rather than contriving 'surprise' (as Nintendo has been falling into a deeper and deeper pit in their attempts to create), they're simply giving gamers what they want, with no nonsense attached.

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SpiralTear2610d ago

This is an interesting article.

Nintendo has always been a company that makes their innovation an upfront deal. They loudly announce that they're trying something new, and as a result, the innovation can feel very forced and intimidating, hence the "gimmickry" label.

Mario Kart 8, from what I can gather, uses its innovation in much more subtle ways, like anti-gravity tracks and great, colorful stage design. It's a quieter progression, one that's very out of character for Nintendo, but welcome nonetheless. Games that use their design innovatively instead of just the hardware are much more impressive in my eyes, like A Link Between Worlds' more open-ended design or Super Mario Galaxy's multi-dimensional use of perspective.

I'm interested in that idea and Mario Kart 8 seems to keep the balance of tradition and progression going, without making its innovations sound off like loud sirens.

DarthZoolu2610d ago

Now if only they would give the hardcore crowd a more mature Zelda and Metroid, then drop a full fledged online pokemon game for WiiU I could convince my friends to get one also.

wonderfulmonkeyman2610d ago

Metroid Prime was plenty mature, and Zelda games have always been timeless regardless of art style.
I don't think maturity is the issue here.

TitanUp2610d ago

i think i would actually buy a nintendo system if those things became reality.

zelda with voice overs/dialogue would be awesome.

crazypsycho69730522610d ago

I always thought that Twilight Princess was a step towards a more mature Zelda game. Metroid and Pokemon are both franchises that feel very stale to me. I would love to see new games out of these franchises but they will have to innovate. As for Nintendo obviously flaunting their future releases abilities I think they are just trying to make the user aware of what they are like. Look at how much time they spent telling people that the WiiU is not another Wii and people still think it is the same thing as the Wii.

truechainz2610d ago

it makes me wonder why you bothered to even reply to him because it wasn't really a response and you seemed to completely miss the nuances of his comment

DarthZoolu2610d ago

If they were making games that gamers wanted they're system would be selling more. They need to drop games that gamers can't resist. Zelda need to rival Skyrim and Metroid needs to rival mass effect. I can't figure out why Nintendo is making the biggest AAA titles in the industry. Nintendo was Bethesda before anyone knew Bethesda. Zelda Metroid and Pokemon should all have $50million budgets minimum.

AKR2609d ago

Metroid Prime really set the 'mature' tone. A game doesn't have to be M rated to be dark. Infamous SS for instance isn't M-rated; but you sure can't lump it in the casual crowd.

Zelda Twilight Princess and Majora's Mask were just down-right creepy. Not something you'd expect to see your little cousin or sweet old grandmother playing.

DarthZoolu2609d ago

Mature as in how complex and difficult they are. I need more detail. Mature plot with vast worlds.

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wonderfulmonkeyman2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

While I do agree with all of that, I still think that the "louder" innovations are a necessary part of what makes Nintendo who they are.
Many of them take getting used to before a gamer really comes to see the benefit of them, and that's something that has been giving Nintendo a really hard time.

I still personally believe that they could make these louder innovations take off with the right advertisement campaign, though.
It's a fact that hype sells these days, after all, and the Wii U is the only one of the three without a big hype push so far, outside of Smash Bros.
Nintendo needs to start doing some prime-time TV advertisments of the system and its games, with a catchy new tag-line for the system.
Something like "Come Get U Some!" or something similarly bold and out-going.

UnceasingElias2610d ago

Nintedo needs to do this to as doing so will make us buy watchdogs on wii u instead of ps4.

UnceasingElias2610d ago

I agree with you. You dont need uniqe hardware to make innovative games. It just makes it easier. What the gamepad offers in this game is not revolutionary but it improves the game. I dont expect more.

Knushwood Butt2610d ago

Colorful stage design is innovation?

I think I've heard it all.

SpiralTear2610d ago

In today's industry it is.

chronoforce2610d ago

A Link Between Worlds' more open design is taken directly from its 23 year old predecessor, hardly what I would call innovation.

SpiralTear2610d ago

I think the basis of using classical game design in a modern environment constitutes as innovation, because let's face it: no idea is truly 100% original, especially in the games industry and even more so in TODAY's games industry.

People innovate in different ways and sometimes it's using an already established practice in a different context. Innovation is a very contextual concept; even a century-old idea can be new if performed the right way. It's not about doing something that's never been done (because that's impossible), but it's about making it SEEM like it's never been done.

A Link Between Worlds used the original Zelda's ideas and made them appear new, because the series had made rather stagnant progression over time, and people loved it. They said it was the direction they wanted the series to progress, even after following the pretty successful template of Ocarina of Time for 15 or so years. It was an old idea made new.

randomass1712610d ago


Good memory. But at the same time, who would remember that? That feature felt very new in the game, IMO.

Neonridr2609d ago

and a good chunk of the people on this website were too young to appreciate A Link to the Past because they were too young.

Sure it might be borrowing from that game, but then again it should as it is a direct sequel to that game. However, the introduction of the 2D elements which allow Link to enter walls to traverse the map is definitely a new gameplay mechanic.

randomass1712610d ago


You know, this is why I always find myself coming back to Nintendo at some point or another. People say they make the same games over and over, but I don't think that's true at all. I think they, as you say, subtly modernize and progress their design. They keep the formulas that made them popular while trying some new twists. This Mario Kart has the added bonus of looking absolutely gorgeous, especially since the Wii U is starving for better looking games.

Knushwood Butt2609d ago

Rainbow Road is pretty colorful. Innovation in gaming since 1992.

Knushwood Butt2609d ago

So, using that logic, where does that leave Limbo?

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Realplaya2610d ago

To be honest the Wii U has suffered at the hands of the internet.
For every positive article they receive online there are 5 negatives. If they are going to turn around brand negativity They need to channel there inner T Mobile and go bonkers with the promos and pushing the messages. Here are two commercials.
Remix the old Wii Commercial where they show up at houses in Mario themed go kart and say Wii would like to play with U hand the game pad to players and play Mario Kart.

The second one have people form the shape of the game title shouting Wii U Wii U as clips of the game is being showcased online and local.

That right there would be nostalgic and it would catch attention.

randomass1712610d ago

Wouldn't mind seeing that at all. Dunno why Nintendo is so slacky with marketing. I miss seeing all the Wii commercials. They were often entertaining and they got the point across about the new console.

Skate-AK2610d ago

Can't wait for this to come out. It is going to be so much fun.

BattleN2610d ago

I thought fun is secondary to grafix tho..

randomass1712610d ago

And Mario Kart 8 has both great fun and great graphics. ;)

Neonridr2609d ago

@BattleN - not if you are a Nintendo fan. Seems to be only the case when you are looking at the Nintendo camp from the other two sides.

BattleN2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

@Neonridr nearly reported you thinking it was a reply :(
While others are batting over who's console has the better specs we Nintendrones will be having a blast playing quality games! lol I own a 360 also but Microsoft sucks at quality even tho there capable of creating great content they just fail in execution of it!