When Worlds Collide: hands-on with The Crew - TeamVVV

VVV: "With its detailed and diverse open world, RPG-style car customisation and deep driving experience, The Crew has safely surpassed my expectations. The passion poured into this seven year-long project is abundantly apparent, and the result is potentially an exciting evolution of TDU."

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cfc782270d ago

If they manage to pull this game off i can see it being very good the first TDU was amazing with great multiplayer,TDU2 on the other hand was one of the biggest let downs of the generation can't work out what happened with that 1,if the crew is as good as TDU then they have my money guaranteed.

2269d ago
D3ATH_DRIV3R_7772270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

I wasn't going to get this until i seen that gamestop is doing pre-orders for it. Good thing i called them and asked because i thought that Uplay was the only one doing pre-orders, but now i know that my local gamestop are taking pre-orders now, back on my to-get list it goes. OMT, can't to get my test drive that brand new 2015 mustang GT that comes with the pre-order along with 3 more cars(DODGE RAM SRT10, BMW Z4 MINI COOPER S).