Rewriting Twilight Princess: The Most Flawed Narrative of the Zelda Series

ZI writes: "Although you can probably say the same about any Zelda game, when you talk about Twilight Princess especially you're bound to get a variety of opinions from different fans. Some love the game to death; others would love to put it to death. Those are the extreme ends of the spectrum, of course – there are plenty of people who love certain parts and hate others. And there are a number of gamers who once loved it, but now, years after its release, just feel...dissatisfied with it.

I'm a member of that final group, as I sang praises for the game when it was released in 2006, but slowly and surely have found more and more things to be bothered with. A few months back I started trying to figure out the root cause for some of the issues I took with it, and in the end I came to a surprisingly simple conclusion:

The storyline of Twilight Princess is fundamentally flawed."

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