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LetoAtreides822233d ago

Surprised the Xbone isn't on the gold program yet. PS4 had PS Plus support since day 1.

DigitalRaptor2233d ago

You'd think that they could at least have already gone with something like LocoCycle, Crimson Dragon or Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. Those would've been a good option for launch, even.

"It’s not fair to count the PlayStation Vita games against Microsoft because Microsoft doesn’t have a handheld system, but the Xbox One is still not part of the Games with Gold program five months after the console’s release."

So Sony is able to offer a better lineup for 3 platforms than Microsoft is for one, and somehow this is "not fair" on MS?

Septic2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

"So Sony is able to offer a better lineup for 3 platforms than Microsoft is for one, and somehow this is "not fair" on MS?"

So which imaginary Microsoft handheld should the VITA titles be compared against?

Kryptix2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )


You missed his point.

Even without counting Vita's PS Plus games, It still gives more value than Games with Gold.

Think about it for a second. If Microsoft has no handheld system to give a game to & they haven't applied GwG to Xbox One yet, why is it still not doing better against the PS3 with the 360?

For owners of all 3 PS systems, PS Plus is an amazing value. I decided to buy a Vita soon due to PS Plus's offerings. Have a very long list of Vita games waiting to be played.

Septic2232d ago

You're reading way too much into it. The article is basically saying, well let's not bother comparing VITA titles to the X box because there's nothing to compare it to that's all.

Giul_Xainx2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Taking the comments left by fanboys against the PS Vita such as "the vita is dead." Or "the vita has no games."

I don't see how you should have a problem with ps vita games being included.

All I see in a comment trying to cut out the ps vita is nothing more than pure weakness. A platform that fanboys constantly put down gets free games with ps+. Because of this it somehow becomes a double negative towards another brand.

I guess it wasn't just the drm policy that burned down the xbox brand. Looks like Microsoft has finally lost it all.

(And it was so obvious. I guess the adjusters still haven't learned a single thing. SPIN SPIN SUGAR!)

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Blacksand12233d ago

I guess you can say Plus is better.

Septic2232d ago

That's not even an opinion. It's a fact.

Thunderhawkxbox2232d ago

How is it better I know you get better game on ps plus but on Xbox live u do own the game forever ps plus it's like renting a game if u cancel it u don't own the games anymore but Xbox live you do even if u do go to silver

Sam Fisher2232d ago

It is like renting, you are right. But if you have to buy year subs for you to play consoles that are now mainly made for online you might as well say its keep since youll most likely have a yearly sub every year

Oschino19072232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

@Thunderhawkxbox, what game rental service allows you instant access to hundreds of games (assuming you have been a member for some time).

I have only been a member for a year and 5 months almost and have around 100 games from plus not counting all the discounts and other bonuses I have taken advantage of.

As you said it's generally agreed upon that PS+ gets better games but let's also not forget the rest.
More games
Newer games
Better and more frequent sales/discounts
Cheaper MSRP
Doesn't lock up other free and paid services

By your logic you are "renting" the ability to play Free 2 Play games and use otherwise free apps or already paid for subscription services.

reaperofsouls2232d ago

" how it better"

well PS+ is better than games with OLD because:
1 you get game across 3 platforms

2 you get much more recent games eg FARCRY 3 , BIOSHOCK INFINATE etc which were 1 years old at release vs HALO 3 RAINBOWSIX LOSVEGAS which were 7 years old at release

3 You get more games 6 per month every month

4 You get discounts on game from store

Hope this clears it up for you.

hotbeatz852231d ago

When you can play them offline then I would agree but until then you can shove PS+ where the sun don't shine

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assdan2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Microsoft is willing to do that though, at least not right now. Games with Gold only throws you the scraps that don't really matter anymore. Games that you could find pretty easily for less than $5 most of the time on Amazon. PS+ actually offers new content all the time, and that's a big deal even if the games aren't AAA. But on top of that, they give us AAA games less than a year after their release, often times. Both are great ways to play big games that you may missed out on, but playstation plus is clearly far more valuable. Especially if you own every platform that it's on.
And that's just right now. MS easily could, and probably will, at some point, make games with gold a service that's more than just an attempt to combat a Sony service. Which let's be honest, that's all it the for. So they can say "Well look! we have this too!"

hotbeatz852231d ago

Surprised PS+ does not let you keep them at all so enjoy it till they stop supporting ps3

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cfc782233d ago

Until ms steps it up there's only 1 winner here i don't even see it as being an argument.

Gore-Content2233d ago

Yup. Halo 3............. pffff....... Assassin's Creed 2......... pffffff

Parapraxis2233d ago

Compared to what plus offer...pretty much, yup.

Hicken2233d ago

How old are those games again? How much would they cost in store, dollars?

Gore-Content2233d ago

@ all

I think there's a misconception of what you think what I wanted to say.

The Ps+ offerings are way superior to MS's. While PS+ gives you Bioshock Infinite, Metro LL, Borderlands 2, and what not. All MS has for their customers are yesteryears games no one cares anymore.

NeloAnjelo2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Plus gives this quality every month. Not like LIVE that offers 4 year old games once in blue moon just to appease XBONE owners or to gain momentum at E3.

Your comment did come off as supporting MS's offering. Their games are worth like 8 cents.

KinjoTakemura2232d ago

Halo 3 - $8.70 - 7 years old
Assassin's Creed 2 - $8.49 - 5 years old

Wow what a bargain.

Outlast was a top selling PC game and less than a year old when it came to playstation plus for FREE.

NeoTribe2232d ago

Assasins creed 2 lol. Who hasnt played that old trash that already wanted to? We got the new tomb raider awhile ago. Thats called a new game, something your obviously not familiar with.

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SpiralTear2233d ago

"Microsoft gives the impression that Games with Gold is an obligation that they need to meet in order to compete with Sony."

If Sony didn't do Instant Game Collection first and get success with it, I honestly don't think Microsoft would have even considered Games With Gold. This is a completely reactionary program.

DigitalRaptor2233d ago

Of course it's reactionary.

They're holding off providing it for the Xbone as long as they possibly can.

If they had any willingness to provide this much value to their consumers, they not only would've done it first, but they would've at least been offering a much better lineup than they are doing. They're currently dragging their heels towards providing value.

DualWielding2233d ago

the bad thing is that unless Microsoft steps up Sony would have no reason to try anymore with PS+ on PS4 given that is ten dollar cheaper than gold and offer an indy title a month..... what reason would Sony have to bring retail titles to PS4 IGC unless Microsoft steps up and start offering Xbone games on Gold...... competition is good for everyone and its troubling that Microsoft is not really competing in this area.......

Prime1572233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )


I don't think you understand business.

And for your information, Sony already said the bigger games are coming to plus later this year. Which I speculate as true.

Jyndal2233d ago

I wish MS would get the hint. Games with Gold just isn't cutting it.

XiNarutoUzumaki2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Games with Gold is a joke compared to PS+. I know that they like to keep the games forever, but there's no point on owning old-ass games not worth keeping after beating them. I prefer to play recent games that i didn't have the chance to play, or games I would like to replay for free. Moreover, i've played a lot of games, and I keep downloading more games and deleting the games i've platinumed already

I love PS+. Microsoft better make GwG more competitive and bring it to Xbone. Start with Ryse!