The 6 Best Recent Video Game Easter Eggs

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an Easter themed opinion piece on the 6 best video game Easter Eggs in recent memory. The list offers up some interesting choices as well as some pictures to go along with the list.

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xboxpete2274d ago

I never have time to get into the whole easter egg hunts in games. But i reckon the south park hunts would be well worth doing from this list.

Challange awaits warrior

Garethvk2274d ago


I am the same way. I have to finish the games and get the review done so I do not always have time to wander around.

I picked the ones that I did due to them being things that popped up as I was playing or someone showing me them.

dodgeuk192274d ago

The thing with the easte eggs is that i always forget to look or just play the game and don;t think twice. They are good in a game but do developers forget to add them too now ?

Garethvk2274d ago

The bigfoot one is a prime example. You cannot run around a multiplay map and do that stuff and survive. This was done when folks were not in the map.

Titanfall was during extraction and the others are caused by either random luck or having to much time to explore.

I only saw the Shadow Warrior one as a developer showed it to me during a meeting we had prior to the release of the game.

ukchi3f2274d ago

funny not vital to my gameplay

Garethvk2274d ago

Dead on. If I find them great but as I said earlier, I am usually trying to get the game done so I can get my review done.

TheUltimateGamer2274d ago

I love when devs take the time to put in little things that the vast majority of the gaming community will never see. Adds another layer to the game. Nice list man!

Garethvk2274d ago

Thank you. This is what happens when as STYX would say, Too Much Time on My Hands. I had my wife, mom, and others away yesterday and while I was waiting for their flights to arrive and other things, I said well it is Easter and the light went off.