DirectX 12 Will Boost Xbox One’s Possibilities, Will Prompt Sony To Boost PS4 – To Leave Dev

"The Ecuador based Freaky Creations are working on To Leave which is about leaving behind our lives, about breaking free from all our prisons and chains, to become that which we've always dreamed to become. The game is currently scheduled to release on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC."

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Hellsvacancy2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Believe it when I see it

lifeisgamesok2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

You will see it this year (confirmed by Microsoft) and even more next year

Directx 12 and by what Nvidia, Intel, and AMD are saying will be one of the biggest tech advances in some time

MS in-house studios are prepping some graphical powerhouses as we speak just imagine what Gears of War 4 and Ryse 2 etc. will look like when Directx 12 is reducing the wait time between the CPU and GPU making graphics faster

The PS4's largest bottleneck is the CPU at around 20-30 gigs a sec but the Xbox One has offloading from the CPU, GPU and Directx 12 frees up even more resources

People didn't believe me when i said the PS4 has limitations on the CPU processing until SuckerPunch revealed it at GDC

Also 4.5 gigs isn't much for a game if the title has to include the audio and motion controls (Things like Delsin's spray painting) out of the game's memory

Xbox One has 9 Co-processors for audio alone

Audio is hog when it comes to taxing the CPU and it's about half as taxing as graphics

Immorals2271d ago

Love all the disagrees you're getting..

Bubble up for a well explained and unbiased explanation

Whiskeyjacked872271d ago

Ever get tired of being wrong?

Whitey2k2271d ago

Thats where ur wrong if the ps4 cpu is the bottleneck how comes the test proves the cpu on the ps4 is faster then the x1? The audio on the ps4 has its own seperate chip

GarrusVakarian2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

"Also 4.5 gigs isn't much for a game if the title has to include the audio and motion controls (Things like Delsin's spray painting) out of the game's memory "

Huh? Clearly it IS enough for a game.....have you even played Infamous? How can you say 4.5 gigs isn't enough for a game when Infamous is arguably the best looking (and running) next gen game? That makes no sense. You are trying to downplay the PS4 by mentioning it's best looking Next time, use an example that can't be debunked by the subject matters very existence.

On topic: Obviously DX12 will bring improvemnts, otherwise there would be NO point in MS implementing it. But i gotta say, im scratching my head at all the people who are suddenly acting like software is more important than hardware. Granted, the DX12 software will improve how the X1 HARDware acts....but let's not forget that the only way you are going to get *huge* performance gains is by hardware upgrades, ask any PC gamer. There's only so much software can do.

I see a lot of people in these comments that are pinning all their hopes on a software update, while completely forgetting the hardware, the thing that can't be changed, inside their machines. Extremely high hopes for something you know little of is only going to set you up for disappointment.

hello122271d ago

Sony will have to spend big to duplicate directx12

Directx12 took years to code and RD for. I doubt opengl will have the same features.

adorie2271d ago

Very convincing. But, by how you talk here, you make it like Sony is going to sleep and go with what they got, as is.

That won't be the case. Neither company has the time to expend to be complacent. Sony must fight to stay on top and Microsoft must fight for the top.

system222271d ago

@WHITEY2K: The ps4 cpu is an 8 core, as is the xbox ones, the ps4 runs at a lower clock speed (1.6 ghz) to the xbox ones 1.75 ghz. not a huge difference but the xbox one is capable of offloading processes from the cpu. This free's up the xbox cpu more with the added bonus of the (slightly) higher clock speed.

DirectX 12 will basically make all of this really efficient which will free up the cpu even more with less instruction. This is why I keep saying that you can't just look at charts, do some linear math and come up with "the ps4 is 50% more powerful". its just simply not true. it is more powerful in regard to ram being a bit faster (ddr3 to ddr5) and it has 2 more CU's but the xbox's CU's even though there are 2 less also run at a higher clock speed - independently. so thats clock speed difference is multiplied by x 6 over ps4 which makes that advantage not quite as big as people seem to think. its been referred to as a "marginal" difference. the biggest thing ps4 has going for it is that huge chunk of ddr5 vs xbox's big chunk of dd3 but with 32 mb of eSRAM kinda squeezed in next to the cpu. its an odd size apparently but is getting dealt with on sdk/tool side.

ThunderSpark2271d ago

Here come the Xbox One fans out of the wood works. You guys went missing when NPD came out and almost had me worried.

I find it ridiculously funny how Lifeisgamesok mentions something that most devs have said the opposite of. 1st party and 3rd party games on the PS4 proves you are wrong and that the bottleneck you speak of has been a non issue thus far. Keep trying tho.

GameNameFame2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

For PC. MS said it was for PC.

Never for X1.

"The PS4's largest bottleneck is the CPU at around 20-30 gigs a sec but the Xbox One has offloading from the CPU, GPU and Directx 12 frees up even more resources "

Wow cant believe desperate fanboys are buying this.

Offloading CPU to GPU? You mean GPGPU?

Freaking Cerny was the one who was pushing for that on PS4.

Stop with this desperate talks man. X1 will improve, but PS4 will improve just as much. So much secret sauces.

I say that because their architecture is same.

Also what do you mean Sony will have to spend alot. All Sony has to do is just port it. Port DX12.

OpenGL will probably port DX12 for PS4 free anyways...

DX12 is not some secret sauce. LOL

frostypants2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

It's not going to make the GPU perform any faster. Sorry. 10 pounds of crap, 5 pound bag and all that. Once again, DX12 is huge for PCs, which tend to have CPUs with far more untapped bandwidth than the One. For the One it will be a marginal gain. No one close to it has explicitly said otherwise...all of the gushing over it has been around PCs.

madpuppy2271d ago

"You will see it this year (confirmed by Microsoft) and even more next year"

That is Microsoft's corporate mantra, it sucks now, but wait a year!

been hearing that for 35 years...

2271d ago
reko2271d ago


like you?

MorePowerOfGreen2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Something tells me they won't believe it when they see it.


MSFT said PC gamers and some other folks will be able to download/buy it in 2015. That doesn't mean Some 3rd party and 1st party devs are not using it on XB1 now. DX12 was also announced to release in preview this year(XB1 already has parts of DX12 in it)

I love how people have selective memory/hearing/intelligence when trying to attack or downplay xb1

Always the same PS4 fans reacting to this topic. I'm better some of these people in here are the same person. That Lukas kid has a heart attack over this responding with trolling like flies on poopz

"Believe it when I see it"

*We will care what you think when proven otherwise*

shysun2271d ago

Ms said holiday 2015...were is your info coming from?

devwan2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

@system22 "but the xbox one is capable of offloading processes from the cpu. This free's up the xbox cpu more with the added bonus of the (slightly) higher clock speed. "

What? Offload what to where? It's true to say the Xbox One is CPU-bound and offloading tasks elsewhere if possible (GPGPU?) is healthy, but offer something concrete or we're going to have to imagine something as ethereal as magic clouds...

The ps4 has an ARM processor with it's own 1/4GB of memory dedicated to various non-game tasks. These are things the ps4's CPU doesn't have to be distracted by. You're talking like this isn't possible when it was a design choice from way back into Cerny's plan's inception. ps4 also has AMD TrueAudio technology on board the GPU, so the Xbox One doesn't get a leg up here with SHAPE, either, I'm sorry to say. SHAPE may be advanced audio processing hardware, but a lot of that is in place simply to cater to Kinect, and the less said about Kinect at this point the better, no?

You want to know why DX12 will make an impact on XBO? The main reason is the utterly disastrous implementation of DX11.X that currently cripples the machine (less than it did before and around launch, but it's still quite clearly one of the XBO's biggest internal millstones). Are you aware that the Xbox 360's draw calls were out-performing the Xbox One's around launch time? We're talking about a machine that was stated to be 10x more powerful than it's older brother... and what did they do to remedy this? Put in place a series of back-door side-steps that, gosh, allow for some some much more DX12/Mantle/traditional-consol e-like direct hardware hitting rather than waiting for the number 26 bus with DX11.X. So yes, that approach works, it's better, but it's already in the box to some extent... don't set yourself up for yet more "hrybello" disappoint, even if it is 15 months or more away, it'll still hurt.

You can read a few things here on one website and a few there from another website and put them together to form what you might believe to be an all-encompassing idea of "how things are", but the fact is, if you went into work each day and had to deal with the many foibles of XBO and understood simply how much less hassle it is to achieve things on ps4, and then that it runs better, you'd likely refrain from doing so (in public at least).

@lifeisgamesok I'm not even going to respond to your points, the terminology misused and general grasp of what it is you're patchworking together is, or rather should be, embarrassing... the only guys going to fall for that are those who simply don't have the beginnings of a clue and it's just not fair to mess with them and get their hopes up. smh.

supercpu2271d ago

anyone saying dx12 is not going to do anything for xbone is very insecure or a fan boy , enjoy things like this because it keeps the bar moving .

OrangePowerz2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

The DX12 advantages that nVidia and AMD praise are for PC where games are not optimized and don't utilise multicore CPUs properly. That doesn't apply to consoles where games are optimized for the specific consoles. It will improve some things, but it's not such a huge gain.

As for the audio, the PS4 has also processors for audio.


Ever came to your mind that there might be people who know about tech and don't believe the baseless PR talk from MS?

AsimLeonheart2271d ago

Man, you Xbox fans never give up and continue to pin your hopes on PR talk and unproven concepts. Remember how the power of the cloud was going to make the Xbone 3 times more powerful than the PS4? I am yet to see a game that proves that claim. Similarly, remember the promises of the revolution that will be the Kinect and Kinect 2.0? Remember Milo and Kate the future of gaming that it proposed to us? I am yet to see that too. Remember how Titanfall was going to reinvent the FPS genre, kill COD, sell truckloads of Xbones and smash all sales records? I am yet to see that too. Why dont you guys ever learn and wisen up? How many times do you need to be fooled and disappointed?

Ju2271d ago

@devwan OMG. Bubble up. At least one here with a brain (and knowledge).

PrimeGrime2271d ago

What doesn't make sense about anything you say, if the PS4 CPU was as weak as claim, then why the heck is almost every multiplatform game running better on PS4 and most the time at higher resolutions and frame rates? Not including people have run actual benchmarks proving the PS4's CPU is actually faster. Stress tests do not lie.

Also because SuckerPunch optimized Infamous well, you are calling it a limitation? What the shit? Sorry it wasn't some poorly optimized game that is way larger than it needs to be. Look at all the trouble people are having on the Xbox One when it comes to optimization, huge patches that do nothing, large space taken up by games that clearly show nothing as to why they need that much space in the first place. Just poor optimization all around on the Xbox One. It shows greatly with third party developers as well.

So now not only does just having 1080p/60fps somehow equal a good game /s, but having a game take up more space also means that it automatically makes it a good game now too? Such dumb logic.

It completely invalidates your argument when there is actual constant proof that literally goes against everything you are saying.

One thing I love about Sony's approach now is that they are letting their system speak for itself, when Microsoft has to do all the talking for the Xbox One instead, because nothing the Xbox One has done has proven otherwise.

Hmmm hardware that speaks for itself or a company that speaks for its hardware.. Who to believe...

"confirmed by Microsoft" Oh man, that made me laugh, Microsoft also said the Xbox One could not be changed and DRM was locked in. You remember that? That was a confirmation that obviously was not true. How quickly you all forget. Not like it was the first time with Microsoft lying out their asses but gullible people will be just that I suppose, gullible.

Ugh and people still going on about the audio processors in the Xbox One as if that is some secret sauce still... Did it ever occur to you that maybe Kinect needs that? You have one bubble for a reason and that is most likely because you rarely if ever know what you are actually talking about.

madpuppy2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

As an addendum to my previous statement, this video is a parody of MS well known hollow promises. If only a top exec at MS had this happen to them when they lied Ms would be making the best software in the world...alas they don't and never will.

more typical MS garbage failure software.

Bigpappy2271d ago

I am reading a lot of comments where people are saying DX-12 is not for Xbox. That make me LOL. I am not going to get into how much it will improve X1 and if X1 will out perform PS4 (I have no way of knowing the answers). What I will say, is based on the comments I read from ADM, NVidia and some engineers, it will make a huge difference on PC and X1, With significant gains.

OrangePowerz2271d ago

Also when someone says something negative he/she is a Sony fanboy and scared of the power of the X1 and they make baseless claims that the hardware isn't as good. Yet if MS or someone else makes same baseless promises on how the X1 will be much better it is sound and based on hard facts that are completely true. Ever heard of wishful thinking?

Since the reveal of the console it was always "wait until day X or convention Z". What happened to the Dual GPU, hidden extra ESRAM, stacked chip, the NDA ending and people revealing the true power? If they don't show anything at E3 that would support the claim it will be "they couldn't get it ready in time, just wait for the GamesCon".

Also Sony won't just stop development on improving the system.

fr0sty2271d ago

It would be an excellent explanation if it weren't total bullshit made up off the top of their head. Let's see here...

1. DX12 is indeed a large advance, but mostly in the PC sector. For Xbox One the main advantage will be better CPU threading utilization, which PS4 already enjoys.

2. The PS4 and Xbox One CPUs are roughly the same, though XO's CPU is clocked 150mhz faster as its base clock (PS4's can overclock to over 2ghz by using fewer cores, however.). Benchmarks have shown PS4's CPU to actually outperform XO's (

3. Both consoles have gimped CPUs. This has been no secret for a long time now.

4. PS4 and XO have roughly the same amount of available RAM, though PS4's has far more bandwidth.

5. PS4 has 4 extra GPU compute units dedicated to GPGPU tasks (everything from audio, to physics, lighting, to whatever else) and 2 additional compute units for graphics, in addition to the 12 Xbox One has. It also has a high bandwidth bus directly connecting CPU to GPU and 6 more accelerated compute engines to process those compute queues than Xbox One has. It also has audio and video co-processors used for compression and decompression of audio and video on the fly. You don't want to get into trying to compare the innards of these 2 systems, PS4 outclasses Xbox One in every way.

6. Audio is getting more complex as time goes on, but it in no way is anywhere near as taxing as physics, lighting, etc... This is why we've had surround sound in our games since the original Xbox days. Some games have more complex audio design than others, but in general most games don't waste a lot of CPU time on audio.

You do a decent job making yourself sound like you know what you're talking about, but most of what you said is just made up.

heisenberguk2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Man you sound like a Microsoft spokesman!! Although it's clear from your comment history that you're a rabid fanboy!

Metfanant2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

The problem with your argument is that the PS4 and Xbone use the same CPU with a marginal clock speed advantage for the Xbone...the PS4 is actually better suited for offloading of CPU tasks because it was designed with GPGPU in mind...

There is a reason for the 14+4 suggestion...

It leaves 14 CUs for graphics...and 4 CUs for compute (offloading off rom the CPU)...

The problem is that if you dedicate 4 CUs to compute on the Xbone that leaves only 8 for graphics....that's no good...

DX12 is a low level "console like" API just like Mantle...the biggest improvements by far will be seen by PC gamers...both consoles already have VERY low level APIs (coding "to the metal")...the Xbone will see improvements because it's tools are just not as good as the PS4s...and DX12 will help fix that (further evidence that this console was not ready for a 2013 release)

My question for the Xbox fan reading this however will be this: what difference will it make? Since the start of this generation you have been telling everyone that the differences between PS4 and Xbone games is barely noticeable....1080p vs 900p can't be seen...the Xbone games look just as good...

So will you start bragging if all of a sudden Xbone games start hitting 1080p?...will it all of a sudden start to matter?...

papashango2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

4gb's is enough let alone 4.5gb of ram.

There is no bottleneck with RAM on both consoles. The cpu architecture is however one of the biggest factors in how a game runs.

It's the main reason why a 4/8 core AMD processor always gets destroyed by an Intel quad core. Architecture and API is everything. I believe DX12 will bring with it major advances in gaming. Just how much remains to be seen.

truefan12271d ago

It's amazing how many ps4 fan computer science and computer engineering professionals frequent this site, always being helpful spreading their wisdom. Always so quick to downplay anything significant XB1 related, when in actuality they have no idea about the possibilities or really any idea what they are talking about.

Geoff9002271d ago


THEY had problems with the CPU, with infamous... and yes infamous looks great, however it's in the next 3-5 years when CPU speeds etc become important, when 4.5 gigs isn't that much.

Software is more important than hardware, if you say otherwise then you have never worked on servers/routers etc, hardware hasn't advanced all that much over the last decade, more cores, more memory, and have become faster, but no actual improvements on architecture, no real changes. Still using x86 instruction sets, which a decades old.

Software is important, it's what enables routers/switches to send data to the correct place, it's what enables you to log-in to your user account on N4G, it's got to a stage now whereby software can decide if your data-centers etc run operations correctly/smoothy.


Everytime someone says something different from 'opinion', you call them fanboys, without even countering what he stated in his post.

Eonjay2271d ago

The "possibilities" are hardware bound by definition not software bound. Everything that it will ever be able to do was determined at the moment the specs were finalized. The same goes for the PS4. If the biggest game of the year "Destiny" isnt 1080p on Xbox One, no ones gonna care about possibilities; Only realities.

johndoe112112271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )


And if you ever worked in the graphics and 3d design field you will realize exactly how much nonsense you are talking.

Gaming consoles have absolutely nothing to do with servers, routing or switching. Gaming consoles have to do with graphics.

This is what makes the ps4 a much more effective gaming console. The whole design of the ps4 spells graphical power. Everything, from the gddr5, the unified memory to the gpu just reeks of a focus on graphics which is what a gaming console is supposed to do.

It is blatant due to the design of the xbox that it's focus was on kinect, app switching and multimedia. Software will never be more important than hardware when it comes to graphics.

christocolus2271d ago


Chill need trying to explain much anymore. Amd,nvidia and devs have spoken yet people want to believe what th3y want..E3 is just around the corner. I think all this bias and hate towards dx12 and xbx one will die down after the show...cant wait

TitanUp2271d ago

Mark Cerny: PS4 Contains a Dedicated Audio Processing Chip

DigitalRaptor2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Ladies and gents, this is where desperation leads you. Granted, it's not as bad as some of your previous comments, but it's on the way there. But still, I see your friends down there sharing the stage of hopeful delusion. Hope is one thing, but when you pair that with delusion, that's not healthy.

Luckily you've been disarmed by facts and logic far too many times that at this point, I don't even need to waste much time on you. You've just been monumentally owned by the guys above this comment.

Truth is, in 15 months the Xbone will be just about scraping things that PS4 devs have been familiar with for quite some time already, and things are only going to break further apart when ICE team discovers new ways of pushing the tech to the bleeding edge.

Ch1d0r12271d ago

Take it easy when Phil Spencer and his xbots disappoint you once again.

miyamoto2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

its like telling a dwarf to grow up into a 6 foot man.

You are the very same people who said "specs & power does not matter"; "720p is better than 1080p"

... and now you are flip flopping to herald the Xbox One as "a-soon-to-be graphics powerhouse"? You reputation managers are so desperate, aren't you?

How can the masses take you seriously.

Wait until you see the Second generation PS4 games versus the DX12 games on Xbone which are not even in development yet.

HaveAsandwich2271d ago

the only problem here is the xb1 hardware.

Jumper092271d ago

Both Xbone and PS4 have a dedicated Audio Chip.
The PS4 CPU is still faster than the Xbone CPU.

PS4 has 5GB of Ram available. Developers can choose if they wanna use the extra 500MB or not.

And for the last time, DX12 wont fix the missing GPU Power. People have to get over that.
Accept that the Xbone is weaker.

No Software can magicly add, more ROPs,TMUs, ACEs etc

CuddlyREDRUM2271d ago

Stop writing essays for corporations.

SilentNegotiator2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

It's sad how many fanboys forget that DX12 is to catchup to Mantle/OpenGL. The pioneers here are NOT microsoft and MS will probably fall behind again in a year or two.

"The greatest software company in the world" sure has trouble staying on top of software advancements.

Soc52271d ago

Yeah! Can't wait to enjoy that!!

In two years....

Omegasyde2271d ago

"...Audio is hog when it comes to taxing the CPU and it's about half as taxing as graphics "

"PlayStation 4 lead architect Mark Cerny is always eager to talk about the hardware inside the PlayStation 4. He recently revealed that the PlayStation 4 has a dedicated audio processing chip, which is used to compress and decompress audio streams and various formats. This frees up some of the CPU power for other tasks. "

Hmm. So Ps4 offloads too.

Both systems have bottlenecks but the biggest is that each system has a bloated back ground OS. Each OS reserving about ~50% of the total RAM pool.

This bottleneck will disappear once Sony/MS reserve less ram. However Sony and MS are keep these pools smaller due to the possibility of implementing new features in the future. Dx12 will not make GPU any better, it will only make it work more efficiently.

gigoran2270d ago

Sorry... I read everything you wrote but I couldn't understand it. I guess it's because I don't speak "delusional".

Sy_Wolf2270d ago

Your level of comprehension is nowhere near what you think it is. I could write a 20 page essay on why you're wrong.

TheSaint2270d ago

After reading your comment history I'm inclined to not believe a word you say.

GarrusVakarian2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Oh look, we have MorePowerOfGreen and Truefan accusing "TEH PS4 FANZ" of "trolling" and "downplaying" DX12. They like to make those accusations to anyone who doesn't blindly praise DX12....anyone who doubts, questions or is uncertain about DX12 is a troll and a downplayer. Even when people, such as myself, say they own X1's and would only benefit from DX12 making big performance changes. Empty accusations from insecure Xbox fanboys who think software is more important than hardware and don't want to see anyone say otherwise. Sad.

Next time folks, to avoid such accusations, just blindly nod your head and say something along the lines of "can't wait to see Ryse 2 with DX12 50% more power!", or "DX12 will make the X1 jump four generations ahead!".

Oh and talking about trolling, here is an alternate account of MorePowerOfGreen where he pretends to be a PS3 fan in order to TROLL the entire PS fanbase-

How do i know that is MPOG? He gave out his PSN ID to me a few weeks back and it matches the PSN ID given by the 'PS3 slim' account (3rd comment down). Busted.

Geoff9002270d ago


I think you have missed the point somewhere down the line, consoles hardware remain static however both Sony and MS will be able to boast performance via updating their OS, their firmware etc like they did with the prior consoles.

Servers, routers etc are modified, via the same method(s), and since both consoles, and networking equipment shift data around the comparison can be made.

I have designed mp for games before, hardware isn't as important as the software anymore hasn't been that way since the advent of multi-core CPU's.

DX12 will offload it's processes, onto the multi-cores, hence the performance gains, will the Xbox One be more powerful than the PS4? No.

What it will do is increase it's performance, enable developers to do more with the console, get the higher resolution people want.

mewhy322270d ago

Sony will now have to update their API too. This is good for the industry. Competition is always good.

hazeblaze2270d ago

Number one, DirectX 12 won't even be available to developers until 2015... We won't be seeing anything anytime soon.

Number two, Xbox One already asked developers to code pretty close to the chip... So all of the benefits if directx on PC will not translate to Xbox b/c they are already being incorporated. There may be some boost, but it likely won't be that significant.

jhhood2270d ago

OpenGL > Direct3D

DirectX is just an API to a library of tools. The biggest advancement its seen since DirectX 9.0c to DirectX 11 is tessellation. ALL of which is still and always was capable from previous versions, you just had to do everything manually. These may be optimized now, but just remember, the more libraries you use, the more bloated the software becomes with overhead.

DarXyde2270d ago

"Directx 12 and by what Nvidia, Intel, and AMD are saying will be one of the biggest tech advances in some time "

You won't see an enormous leap with XBOX One though. You won't see it with PS4 either. Both are very much to the metal already. Advances with DX12 will be significant for PCs...but not for XBOX One. Both consoles will gain some benefits, but nothing crazy.

"People didn't believe me when i said the PS4 has limitations on the CPU processing until SuckerPunch revealed it at GDC "

Can you blame them? Honestly, who are you? Who am I? Makes more sense to hear it from someone with experience authority, don't you think? Additionally, let's wait and see how optimization goes. It's Sucker Punch's first PS4 game.

"Also 4.5 gigs isn't much for a game if the title has to include the audio and motion controls (Things like Delsin's spray painting) out of the game's memory "

reko2270d ago


It's amazing how many xbox fan computer science and computer engineering professionals frequent this site, always being helpful spreading their wisdom. Always so quick to downplay anything significant ps4 related, when in actuality they have no idea about the possibilities or really any idea what they are talking about.

why so mad?

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Blaze9292271d ago

@Hellsvacancy let's be real - you'll see it and still, not, believe it.

DoubleM702271d ago

Yup! You know that what's going to happen. They will see and still want believe.

Hicken2271d ago

You mean like how suddenly no Xbox fan can see the difference between 720/900p and 1080p?

What people are saying- and what Xbox fanboys are intentionally misunderstanding- is that it won't be the massive difference you think, because that's for PC.

For some unknown reason, every time that's made clear, Xbox fans try to muddle it up by saying detractors claim it won't do ANYTHING. Frankly, it both amazes and depresses me how you all can read the same thing over and over in different but still easy to grasp ways, and yet consistently assign your own screwed up definition to what you've read and/or heard.

nycgamer4ever2271d ago

See what exactly? I hear all of the MS crowd talk about seeing "it". Are you talking about 1080p? solid framerates? You mean all the stuff already a given on the "other" console. I wouldn't be bragging too much if I were you guys. Taking almost 2 years to achieve what the competition has been doing pretty much day 1 with every game, except 1 (BF4) is not really something to brag about.

If you are talking about better looking and running games than the Ps4, then I would say you are in for a rude awakening. Direct x12 will have improvements in technology but it isn't a magic pill. Optimization will help BOTH consoles, but no amount will change the hardware.

In any case E3 is less than 2 months away. Time to put up or shut up. No more talk. Time to show. Won't be long now.

Why o why2271d ago

All of this rhetoric for parity.

Lets let the games do the talking. The ps guys have nothing to prove as they have real life tangible proof. Where's the xbox proof..... thats right...theory. Its a given that both the x1 and ps4 will improve but you can only do so much improvement. It seems some are implying that the x1 will improve at a faster rate......well it had better with such a large disparity between the outputs.

I shouldn't see any of you guys in the next 'resolution doesn't matter' article. Because it obviously matters, you were just too cowardly to admit it when the proof was stacked against ya.

randomass1712271d ago

The thing is Microsoft claims they have somethng up their sleeve. They have yet to really utilize it. I'm curious to see how Direct X12 will change things in action, but we should save the fanfare for AFTER we see it work.

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HugoDrax2271d ago


Sounds like it's already occurring, I guess DX12 is being recognized?

hello122271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Job listing hardly means Sony is bringing directx12 features to PS4

The fact nivida stood with Amd on the same stage at the Microsoft build conference likely means this is the real deal

Software is more important than hardware. What would Battlefield 4 look like for it not for the Frostbite engine? This is software tech. Hardware can be way better with better drivers.

GarrusVakarian2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )


"Software is more important than hardware"

Wow.........i can't believe you actually just said that. Please tell me you were joking? Now i really have heard it all. I wonder if you would be saying that if the X1 had the superior hardware?


rdgneoz32271d ago

"Software is more important than hardware. "

What would battlefield 4 look like on a 10 year old system using frostbite?

Software can always be improved. With consoles, hardware will never change. There's a big gap between ps4 and xbone hardware. Just look at the current game resolutions / quality. Also, people are talking like Sony will be sitting on their hands for the next year and a half+ till dx12 releases.

Competition is always good, it makes a better product. Xbone owners have that to thank for no 24 hour check ins and used games.

johndoe112112271d ago


"Software is more important than hardware" I cannot, CANNOT believe you said that. THIS. This right here is exactly what I was describing when I gave the description of a fanboy a few posts back.

The utter nonsense that some of you write is mind numbing. I would never have thought that anyone had the scrotum to make such an inconceivably erroneous and idiotic statement.

In which lifetime, planet, universe or dimension is software more than hardware? If that is the case why develop new hardware? Why are companies like asus, msi, gigabyte, amd, nvidia, biostar etc. spending billions of dollars to bring out new hardware every six months? Why don't they just develop better software drivers and charge us for it because it would cost them a hell of a lot less than having to manufacture physical parts.

Please feel free to not respond to this as I don't think that anything you say from here on out would make a lick of sense anyway.

Why o why2271d ago

'Software is more important than hardware'

Quote of the day........ desperate edition

Why not just use that super software to upgrade the 360 and ps3. The amount of fallacies coming out of some of your mouths is phenomenal. You guys change your beliefs to counter the situation daily.

NextGenHorny2271d ago

Congrats to you, for being able to use Windows 8 in your fantastic Amstrad.

randomass1712271d ago

Direct X12 is the next big step it seems. I'd be surprised if Sony did not capitalize on it in some way.