Amazon Sunday Specials: Titanfall On Sale For X1, New PS4 Specials

Some specials on Amazon for Sunday. Killzone is $37.99 for PS4, Titanfall is on sale for Xbox One, NBA 2K14 for PS4 is $15 off.

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micx2278d ago

There's a good deal for Titanfall on Zavvi as well, its price is dropping fast!

sdozzo2278d ago

You might say it's... falling.

cleft52278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Really interesting to see Titanfall going on sale so much. I assumed it would be like CoD, in that it takes forever for the price to drop or go on sale. Then again, GoD: Ghost dropped in price and went on sale relatively fast too. This generation is shaping up to be interesting in pricing trends.

LAWSON722278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Vgchartz says it has sold 1.35M as of Apr 5 (that is without digital and systems sold) on Xbone and considering only roughly 4M own an Xbone it has sold very well. Even if these are a little off I would not call it a fail. Hell it has even sold more than Infamous (as of Apr 5, 1.03M, on physical at least) on a system with 7M owners.

Price drops have been happening a lot strangely even for big games like BF, AC, and CoD with up to 33% in like the first month or two from there release eventhough they sold well.

SteveQuinn2276d ago

Zavvi is no good for this guy as he is in the US and Zavvi is a UK site.

SWayne2278d ago

Its nice to see good games getting a sale for a change instead of junk titles getting the deals :)

PainUzumaki2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Xbox One system seller is on sale in less than 2 months?! SMH

Predaking772278d ago

I don't get why Titanfall is on sale here and there and discounted. I thought that game was a hot item. It does not make sense.

LAWSON722278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

It is simple really, it has been out a month and to stay hot and relevant it gets small sales. I think at this point they want every Xbone owner to have the game

SytheticSoul2278d ago

So it's not okay for Titanfall to be on sale BUT if Infamous: Second Son was on sale it would be awesome ... So much hate for MS it's sickening.

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