Pach-Attack! Will Xbox Keep Its Exclusive DLC?

With Sony gaining more market share, can Call of Duty DLC stay first on Xbox? Michael Pachter answers.

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MightyNoX2276d ago

Imagine if the next Call of Duty is shown at Sony's E3. True, it's going to be multi-platform but the symbolic implications would break the internet in half.

iamnsuperman2276d ago

I don't think anyone will care. I think people will care as much as if it turned up at Microsoft's conference. There would be a couple of articles evaluating the market/general shift but I can guarantee the public will not care.

randomass1712276d ago

Yeah, CoD is a smoothly running franchise, but I don't think there is very much they can do to draw excitement from the online gamer scene these days.

Abash2276d ago

Destiny is shaping up to be even bigger than any Call of Duty this gen, and that already has been shown at Sony's E3 and will be shown again at this year's Sony conference at E3

randomass1712276d ago

Call of Duty is quite a beast to take on, but I agree that Destiny looks like the bigger game and the PS4 version is the one I'm getting.

LOLzy2276d ago

It would only be worth doing once. Doing it year after year would just take away time from games we actually want to see. We know there's always gonna be another COD. They don't need an anouncement. Not doing a COD should be their anouncemnet.

MasterCornholio2276d ago

The bigger the gap grows the more Microsoft will have to pay for exclusive content\games.

Thats the way I see it and its all up to investors to decide on how much they want Microsoft to invest in the Xbox brand.

randomass1712276d ago

That could be what keeps them in line with Sony at the end of the day. Exclusives talk when it comes to people who are on the fence. Combine this with the supposed Kinect-less SKU people are expecting and Microsoft can see a more consistent rise in sales. It can only be good for both companies as it will cause Sony to do even more competitive things as well.

Baccra172276d ago

I remember the first xbox games, they had exclusive content right on the disc that you couldn't find on the PS2 version.
That's what xbox should go back to, exclusive content and scenarios built into the game, straight on the disc- and not this dlc crap.

If Xbox would go back to the original xbox swag days, instead of over relying on Live and advertising and jewing people out of money, it'd be a real threat. We need that Xbox back- and maybe Phil will be the one to do it.

ger23962276d ago

How'd that work out? Its still got stomped. Dlc is an option not a requirement.

randomass1712276d ago

But it did influence people to get the Xbox version which is the point of Baccra17's comment. That was especially effective during generation 7 when the 360 was the console to own according to the media.

Baccra172276d ago

It worked out pretty well for games like Max Payne that had extra content and stuff the PS2 version didn't have. And I'm not talking about DLC, I'm talking about content ALREADY ON THE DAMN DISC.

Try reading comprehension next time before we comment.

rainslacker2276d ago

Assassin's Creed does this now for both systems, and individual retailers at times. I'm sure it might sway the super hardcore fan of a series, but I don't know if it would sway the average buyer that much. Most of the content does become available at a later date through DLC nowadays, and outside our circle, most people don't go around researching who offers what and where.

I see nothing against offering such perks. It is just business after all. But I'm not sure the money spent on doing such things is really so meaningful as to increase the popularity of a particular platform. Historically it's always been who has the most games, and the "best" games that decides a console winner.

Darkfist2276d ago

Microsoft already have a deal with EA, if titanfal become multi-platform then they can do another timed exclusive deal with activision, money talks at the end.

Sharky2312276d ago

Yeah but if your getting more money from ps4 owners then you gotta rethink things.

jackanderson19852276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

in regards Call of Duty it'd be different if MS were getting exclusive content of some sort but in most cases it's just a 1 month lead on the DLC... personally can't see Sony buying the rights to this and could see MS dropping it as there's established COD fans on both sets of consoles and i doubt a month of exclusivity on the DLC will matter (some people say it mattered last gen but i just can't see why it did)

other contents it'll go down to how much money paid... taking titanfall as an example....assuming a 50% attach rate on the PS4 at 7mil that's 3.5mil lost sales (roughly 210 mil in sales lost) say another 75% get the season pass on that's another 66mil lost... anything MS paid above 280 and EA/Respawn didn't lose out in the short term (and by the way Sony fans are going they're likely to buy TF2 regardless of TF1s availability).... that's just comparing pure sales value to zip, but you'd have to factor in Sony's cut, retailers cuts, manufacturing costs, dev costs etc etc... so realistically had MS paid say 150mil for Titanfall it's probably pure profit to EA/Respawn without a cent lost on their end

TheSaint2276d ago

Only for so long, then it's cut your losses time.

Skate-AK2275d ago

If they pay for it. I am sure Sony doesn't really care.