E3 2014 Must Be A Showcase For Exclusives

"If one thing is clear to me now, it’s that this E3 is as important (if not moreso) than last year. The second half of 2014 is very thin for all three current platforms right now. Worse, the number of confirmed exclusives is absurdly slim."

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Beastforlifenoob2278d ago

Can't wait to see Uncharted 4... It will blow my balls to the sky.

Agent20092278d ago

Is graphics the only thing gamers care about?

ZodTheRipper2278d ago

It's an important aspect of showcasing next-gen games... but I'm expecting lots of new mechanics, better AI, bigger worlds, interactive characters, etc. as well.

DigitalRaptor2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

When The Last of Us demo debuted at E3, it blew people away not just because of the beautiful graphics but because of the gameplay they were proposing, the brutal world they were building, and the story and characterisation/relationship between the two characters.

If Naughty Dog can pull off something that is distinctly Uncharted flavour but with new mechanics, manners of storytelling, bigger gameplay spaces, more impressive set-pieces AND ball-bustingly incredible visuals, then that will be something to talk about.

emad-E-three2278d ago

Always acting and commenting like you know everything!! Yes I care about graphics its called a NEXT-GEN console for a reason thats first and 2nd quite the BS and grow up already!

Geekman2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Right idea, wrong thing to comment on. But E-MAD, NEXT GEN is the next decade of consoles. NOT graphics. You're not innocent in this.

medman2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I'm buying Child of Light and Transistor because they look phenomenal. Stop your nonsense. The first thing anyone notices about any object is it's physical appearance. Games are no different. Graphics are what is readily apparent long before gameplay catches your attention.

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3-4-52277d ago

I want to see something new. Something I couldn't have expected.

Locknuts2277d ago

Me too man. I want something I've never played before, with gameplay only possible because of the power of the new consoles. PS3 games with prettier graphics isn't worth buying a new console for.

Walker2278d ago

Give us Uncharted 2014 and Sony won E3.

eyeofcore2278d ago

Game Informer failed in this article when comes to Wii U...

Not listing Monolith Soft's X(new IP) nor Hyrule Warrior's... Seriously... Epic fail...

Yuri_Rook2278d ago

Actually, X is the only *announced* exclusive on any system that's got me interested. And I'm a PS aficionado.

TitanUp2278d ago

x does look interesting i wish it was multiplatform.

not sure why the hype is so darn high for the order we havent gotten to see much of it all. i know at e3 that is going to change but i see no reason to be hyped for that title at this time.

maniacmayhem2277d ago

X looks to be THE JRPG of the of the year when it comes out. Everything about it looks epic.

X is without a doubt a first day actual purchase.

Dunban672277d ago

The list is for 2014 releases- X has not been announced for 2014 ( for the US anyway). I think Ninty said it may release in Japan late 2014 and in the us after that

Not sure about Hyrule Warriors. - I think that IS supposed to release this year

chrissx2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Uncharted 4, more the order and unannounced Ps4 exclusives. Hope to see more about zelda wiiu. This e3 gonna be mega

Deep-throat2278d ago

Uncharted 4
The Order
Halo 2 (remake)
Sunset Overdrive
Bayonetta 2
The Legend of Zelda (Wii U)

And many more exclusives. AWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESOME!

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