Face-Off: Trials Fusion - PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC vs Xbox 360

Trials Fusion is the most ambitious entry in RedLynx's physics-driven motorbike game to date, developed in tandem with other internal studios at Ubisoft and delivered on four platforms - PS4, Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360. The most exciting battleground is next-gen console, where Fusion shoots for full 1080p on PS4, while optimisation has clearly gone down to the wire on Xbox One, which arrived at 800p before being boosted to 900p in a day-one patch.

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PainUzumaki2270d ago

Tried to play this in 1080p and it didnt work...I wonder why

sigfredod2270d ago

you should try to play on PC or PS4 and will work in 1080p

pedrof932270d ago

Ps4 is native 1080p. X1 900p. 'Nough said.

randomass1712270d ago

Wait, do you mean the game or the YouTube video?

PainUzumaki2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Sorry The youtube video...Should of made that clear...I was making fun at the Xbone

reaperofsouls2270d ago

what! the xbone can't even run this game at 1080p

Gamer19822269d ago

"Overall, the work RedLynx has put into optimising Trials Fusion across all four platforms is impressive. The PC release stands ahead of the pack by a notable margin thanks to its higher-quality alpha effects, fully v-synced playback and the potential for better texture streaming via SSD, but despite a few small shortcomings, the PS4 and Xbox One versions translate the experience across with little left on the chopping board.

It falls to resolution to define the better console release - and in this case the PS4's full 1080p native resolution gives it a clear edge. For the most part, the Xbox One's updated 1600x900 framebuffer comes respectably close in motion, but for clinical, bright indoor areas the increased pixel-crawl is a distraction. Both versions suffer from texture pop-in and occasional tearing in different areas, but otherwise they each offer a very strong experience."

Says it all really.. However if they struggle to get a game like this in 1080p on Xbox One I do worry about the future of Xbox One.. It must need some real optimization to get it there. If at all possible..

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azure19902270d ago

Seriously they all look the same...

randomass1712270d ago

I was trying to find a difference myself, but they all looked pretty similar. It is a small game after all, so I don't see why people would even care if this particular game was 1080p. If you want to talk visuals, you should probably ask about Watch Dogs or Destiny.

Yi-Long2270d ago

This is actually a very very demanding game, because of the editor that comes with it. You can just build your track completely full with lots of explosions, effects, etc etc, and create a huge track, that all needs to be loaded and playing smoothly.

It might look and play simple, but there's a lot going in.

dale_denton2270d ago

on youtube yes but when you play it home you'll see the differences

incendy352270d ago

PC wins, which is rather interesting on this game. They mention Texture Streaming as a major issue for both PS4 and X1. You would think the 4.5-5 GB of Memory available on the consoles would make this a non issue. Sounds like they optimized for PC "less video RAM" and ported to consoles. Which makes sense from a production standpoint, but would have liked to see the console versions more optimized instead of just being ports.

sigfredod2270d ago

major issue was never mentioned on the article

DreamTension2270d ago

The texture streaming is an issue due to the read speed of the console hard drives, not a memory limitation. Plus, they are comparing to a PC using a SSD

incendy352270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Exactly, but should be a non issue if you move the textures to RAM beforehand. You can pre-load a lot more texture data when you have 4gb of memory compared to PC's where it can be as low as 1GB for this game.

zeuanimals2270d ago

The PS4 has a replaceable harddrive, and you can put in an SSD. Would that improve games though? I've heard it improves the boot up speed but that's all, probably more but I just haven't heard much on the topic.

Codey472270d ago

@ Zeuanimals.

A hybrid SSD or an SSD improves load times of the OS and the objects within the OS.
I have a Hybrid in my PS3 and the speed increase is more than noticeable across the board.

Texture streaming is almost eradicated with Hybrids or SSD HDD compared to stock drives.
Installs quicker, loads quicker, slightly better framerates due to data being delivered quicker to the RAM.

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aquamala2270d ago

Those 4-5.5GB on next gen consoles are not just video ram, it's the ram available for the whole game. Your average gaming pc with a 2gb video ram and 8gb of system ram have double the memory of these consoles

2270d ago
Hellsvacancy2270d ago

They all look the same to me, crappy Youtube vides

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