Ubisoft is possibly the largest Gaming company right now!

Ubisoft has over 9,000 employees, may be LARGEST VIDEO GAME company right now!

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Beastforlifenoob2273d ago

Nice, hopefully this will be reflected in Watch dogs, AC UNITY, The crew, etc.

Ubisoft looking good. Theirs only 1 thing they can improve and that is to stop copying ideas of their previous games (i.e. far cry towers, ac synchs, crafting systems, etc,etc)

GarrusVakarian2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

You forgot to mention the (locate>follow>kill) mission structure in almost every single mission in AC. Gets so damn boring.

goldwyncq2273d ago

That sums up about 90% of Black Flag's missions.

TitanUp2273d ago

that sums up a lot of games, most games is go kill this go fetch this while killing things.

if a game objective is to pick up 5 items usually you have to fight enemies at each point to get the objective item.

no matter how its worded you are basically killing things in almost every game so you can reach point c.

randomass1712273d ago

Yeah, that's why I fell out of grace with AC. It's a little too monotonous for me.

ironfist922273d ago

Tbh, they have quality with Quantity, they have a wide variety of awesome games, and all of them are great.

Master-H2273d ago

ALl of them you say..including The Fighter Within ?

randomass1712273d ago

Not always. Ubisoft does release a few shovelware titles alongside their AAA material.

Summons752273d ago

True but you can't have multiple games at AAA Quality without the high quantity of people to support them. Ubisoft pumps out multiple high quality games every year, they need the manpower to make sure they can keep the train rolling.

Otherwise you are correct.

randomass1712273d ago

A large studio full of people is a tad different from a large quantity of games being released. That said a huge team of developers is necessary for Ubisoft to produce the amount of games they release each year.

AgentSmithPS42273d ago

Cool story bro, now give us a great watch dogs experience, or people will say things like "the bigger they are the harder they fall." ;)

randomass1712273d ago

Sheesh. Ain't that the truth.

Harmonizer2273d ago

Ubisoft certainly released a lot of good games lately, which are not even remotely as buggy as EA's.

This news suits me just fine

JOEgolferG2273d ago

Of all the big companies Ubisoft is my favourite. Quality game's.

Agent20092273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

In before sweeeet disagreeeeees.

LAWSON722273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

What are the big companies? EA, Activision, Ubi, SE,take-two. If these are them take-two and Square are way better than Ubi. IMO Take-Twos Borderlands, GTA, Civ, Bioshock, XCOM and RDR are way better than every Ubi game this gen by far.

JOEgolferG2272d ago

Square and Take Two are obviously big as well, but Ubi has the better idea's overall not to mention the superior graphics compared to all those mentioned.

LAWSON722272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )


Sorry bud graphics dont make games. No game ever made by Ubi has ever compared to any of those franchises, of course IMO. The only fantastic game they made last gen that blew me away was AC2. The day Ubi makes an open world action game as amazing as GTAV and RDR please let me know because I dont see it happening and same goes for when they make a creative and atmospheric game as good as Bioshock, a fun as hell coop game like Borderlands, or even a turn based game like XCOM and Civ.

You ask me Take-Two craps on almost every big name publisher except Nintendo.

JOEgolferG2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Well all I can say to that is let's see what Watchdog's brings to the table.
P.S Take-Two doe's crap on Nintendo lol

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