Forward to the Sky, Zelda-like action adventure game Indiegogo launches

Forward to the Sky is a third person action adventure game in the sky tower ruin. Without a single word in the game, you are going to collect all the fresco pieces to connect the story and everything will be revealed once Princess reaches the top level. The game is Zelda-like, focus more on puzzles also features a mixture of action and adventure gameplay. A game everyone are able to finish and provides additional fun of difficulty to hardcore players.

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Wei2278d ago

Thank you! It would be nice if you can support a little or help use spread out the words! :D

Skate-AK2278d ago

Hmm. Sounds interesting. I like games to have so dialog though.

Wei2278d ago

Ha ha, that's too bad. But maybe you could help us share the campaign, many thanks!

Skate-AK2278d ago

Didn't make the connection that this was your game. I can say the art style looks real nice. Also like the music. Two out of three is good. I will be checking the game out.

xfear2diex2278d ago

send it to all my friends already look like a good game we need more of these game hope you reach your goal

Wei2278d ago

>> Didn't make the connection that this was your game.

I didn't tell XD
And thank you for supporting!