The Playstation Vita's Much-Needed Push: Is It In The Hands Of The Gamers (Us)?

CGUK argues why the Vita's alleged difficult situation and slumping sales figures could be saved by the gamers.

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nope1112277d ago

Maybe. Gamers are a very vocal bunch.

"In the games department, the Vita is sorely lacking."

I really wish people would stop saying this. No AAA games doesn't mean the Vita is lacking games. Since 2013 the Vita has gotten a plethora of games and 2014 is looking as good, if not, better. I'm only counting western releases by the way, but adding japanese releases would totally count because, you know, REGION FREE.

Also, i would prefer R* do a stand alone GTA title on the Vita instead of some ios port.

Team_Litt2277d ago

If you want port me downs then yeah, Vita has a plethora of games. If however you want to play games that aren't better played elsewhere then Vita IS sorely lacking.

Hicken2276d ago

People who own handhelds don't give a damn if a game is a little better on consoles, because those consoles aren't something you can play unless you're at home.

Come up with an actual point, please, or stay out of Vita articles. You've proven yourself ignorant on the subject too frequently to be taken seriously.

Beastforlifenoob2276d ago

Gamers are LITERALLY sales. I think because people aren't buying it, not enough games are coming out and because no games are coming out people dont buy. ahaha it starts an endless cycle and the only way to end it is to produce more stellar games if you ask me.

Cam9772276d ago

In other words... Sony need to invest and prepare not to see an instant effect from their input, but they aren't doing that for whatever reason.

randomass1712277d ago

Vita's strength is its userbase, small as it may be outside of Japan, generates high software sales. Indies are loving it and third parties will probably follow suit in due time.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2276d ago

nope. It the Japanese gamers.

Bundi2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

I remember when Black Ops declassified was being defended here, it was the first time I saw Sony faithfuls stand up for a Call of Duty game. It was spectacular!

People are petitioning for a port of a port? Are Vita owners so desperate for games that they'd settle for scraps and hand me downs now? Next Generation Portable my foot!

Hold up, the Vita sold 10000 units in the US in March? Well then,

sdozzo2276d ago

I thought 3d games would look and play smoother. Most titles are already on another system and for cheaper.

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