Is there Potential for DLC in Mario Kart 8?

IGN discussess whether there is potential for DLC in Mario Kart 8.

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link2Dpast2266d ago

Duh, dont know if the article is being sarcastic or really sarcastic.

Anyway of course the potential of DLC will work with this game. From the potential of new levels , characters, modes like a mode where their are no boarders on levels ect...the list is never ending and it's up to Nintendo to use their imagination, this is their chance to redeem the wiiU.

Also YES it has potential on the new smash bro as well, big potential.such as able to download extra character skins/clothes which ever some people call it. So before that redundant question comes eventually you have an answer.

Nevers0ft2266d ago

Yes there is potential and I'll probably buy every one of them O_o

wonderfulmonkeyman2265d ago

Is there potential?
Is it likely to happen?
Nintendo has this habit of making full games that don't really need DLC; I don't think Mario Kart will be the start of a DLC trend in their biggest titles, for them.