2014’s Upcoming Wii U Games

"With major titles like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. coming this year to Wii U, we decided to pull together everything that we know of that's slated for 2014. The following list will be updated and amended throughout the year. If you something confirmed for 2014 release that's not on our list, please let us know."

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finito822278d ago

mario kart 8 is going to be super fun.

3-4-52278d ago

That is a nice list. A few games I hadn't even heard of like Slash Dash and such.

E3 should bring a few more big surprises hopefully.

Geobros2278d ago

wonderful list!! Wii u will rise up this year...

randomass1712278d ago

The list could be better. More first party exclusives are definitely in order to generate more excitement for Wii U.

Remag852278d ago

Just picked up Windwaker loving it! Glad I bought a wii u other week' that list looks promising.

Layken2278d ago

Super Smash Bros
I want that :X

randomass1712278d ago

I read that second line as "I want that X." I want dat too lol.

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