Sony Working To Integrate New Technologies in Game Demos, Developing New Firmware Concepts

"Sony is currently seeking new ways to showcase contemporary gaming technologies and gameplay scenarios along with new ideas for firmware and incorporating the same with the hardware."

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cleft52280d ago

Lots of great Sony news. Glad to see all of the enhancement coming to the PS4. Really couldn't be happier with my Ps4 purchase.

TitanUp2280d ago

im also extremely happy with the ps4, such fun times. need to get back to ff14 sometime when i can get a break from life.

randomass1712279d ago

Upgrades for demos? Color me interested! :D

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Half-Mafia2280d ago

I still want that feature Sony announced at the PS4 Meeting. Which is the ability to instantly try any game on PSN with Gaikai.

BlakHavoc2280d ago

It's called Play station Now and it's coming

emad-E-three2279d ago

I believe no its not the PlayStation Now because when the CEO of Gaikai announced it he was talking about the PlayStation Store and how it works, when you browse a game you can easily start it instantly (yes the PS Now wasn't announced back then) but when you watch the conference again you'll see my point! And isn't the PS Now a separated app from the PS Store?

Hicken2279d ago

That is not Playstation Now.

porkChop2279d ago

No, that is not PS Now. PS Now is a paid service, the instant streaming demos are free.

nunley332279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

The play any game instantly could be said it's playstation now formerly gaikai and uses the same streaming tech but it won't cost anything. Gaikai ps now tech isn't just a pay service ,it'll be throughout psn. You can buy titles from the store like before but there'll be a button for a stream option,that option will be on demos so Half-Mafia and BlacHavoc were right. I'm in the beta now and it works just like that,it'll open wider soon for more to try it.

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randomass1712279d ago

I'm pretty sure that will go live when PSNow is out of Beta and officially live.

porkChop2279d ago

I'm still waiting for the ability to take control of a friends game/PS4 over the internet and get them past areas in games they're stuck in. Sony announced it at the PS4 Meeting but never mentioned it ever again. My little cousins get stuck in games all the time and it'd be useful for helping them.

nunley332279d ago

That'll come after ps now comes out of beta and to ps4,it'll be a nice feature to have.

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