Analyst: 150K-200K PS3s For U.S. Launch

Lazard Capital Markets has forecasted that the U.S. may receive a scant 150K-200K PS3s on the console's November 17 launch day.

In a note to investors, Lazard analyst Colin Sebastian cited retail checks as the source for the figures.

Sony has said that it plans to ship 400,000 units to North America for the PS3's launch day, with between 1-1.2 million shipping by the end of calendar 2006. Recently, however, mega-publisher Electronic Arts estimated 2006 PS3 North American shipments to be a substantially lower 500K-800K.

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gearhead4451d ago

Sony slips further into the red, maybe they can recover maybe they can't, with a .98 game attach ratio they may go bankrupt before the PS3 has a one year anniversary.

Watapata4451d ago

Actually, with every PS3 NOT sold Sony loses more money since they produce the consoles either way. If they sell them, at least they get some return on the investment, even if it doesn't make up the entire cost. However if they don't sell them, then they have to absorb the entire cost of the unsold console...

Captain Tuttle4451d ago

This launch is going to be a disaster. Blu-Ray has ruined Sony's reputation.

Sphinx4451d ago

...if this is true... some Sony fanboys will be waiting a while to play next-gen games.

THWIP4451d ago

Sony fanboys the world over, slammed MS for it's weak 360 launch #s.

Anyone who doubts MS can/will hit the 10 million mark by 12/31/06, is in complete denial.

InMyOpinion4451d ago

No big deal, Sony fanboys can wait forever. They have no other choice...right?

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The story is too old to be commented.