17 New Windows 7 Screenshots

Windows 7 Confirmed for 2010. Screenshots after the jump.

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bootsielon5487d ago (Edited 5487d ago )

I guess I'll never get the "chance" to have Vista. It seems that Microsoft realized that Vista flopped. Seriously, two different Windows versions launched in the Xbox 360 period (unless microsoft decides to launch 720 in 2009, which wouldn't surprise me).

Why so many different user interfaces anyway? Is it customizable? While that is good for PCs, for work computers it could be annoying if they are shared.

Close_Second5487d ago

What do you mean so early. Vista came out last year?

Remember Windows 95, 98, 2000. I would have thought 3 years between major releases would have been a bit long in my opinion.

Oh, and when did you last see a game sell over a 100 million copies? Vista may have its problems but its certainly no failure.

masterg5487d ago


It's soon when you think of XP to Vista took 6 years with very little improvement, and "Im sorry to say" more things wrong than right.

Kain815486d ago

here in germany all Customers will stay at XP but M$ is against it so all PCs and notebooks comes with Vista.
That is Monopol that is M$.

meepmoopmeep5486d ago

forcing Vista on all new computers. no, no anti-trust there, not at all.

lsujester5486d ago (Edited 5486d ago )

Well, it seems that way, but it's rather hard to narrow down a specific anti-trust action in that. Those PC makers chose to put Windows on their computers, and chose to put x86 processors inside them. These companies are all in bed together to make money from you and I, so with that much going on, it's very difficult to specify any one thing as definitively anti-trust.

As for it being specfically Vista instead of XP, yeah that's MS's decision. But it's not really any different from any other seller. Most any company replaces their product line with the latest and "greatest". You wouldn't go up to Asus wanting to a 6 year old model mobo for your brand-new PC, would you?

I know this response isn't all that necessary, but I like to talk sometimes. LOL

SiLeNt KNighT5486d ago

these are fake. a bs site posting cheesy pics. i turned xp on my desktop to look the same as vista. i used different shell extensions but if you have 'windowsblinds' you can create quite a bit of different styles. mix that with photoshop and you get these beautifly cheesy pics we see here.

Tomdc5486d ago

and the difference between this and vista/xp? the interface is probably the only one lol

DeadlyFire5486d ago

The many different interfaces could be a good thing though even if PCs are shared you could just create a profile for each user to use the PC with their own interface they like on it. Just like the X360 or any other version of Windows. The profile thing came from Windows really. Windows 7 also adds in touchscreen tech for it. Which will be coming up in some monitors in 2010 or so as well. Windows 7 is the quick Fix to Vista. I hope it is as grand as MS promises.

I highly doubt Microsoft would launch in 2009 before DirectX 11 or anything like that they would have a two-three year lead on everyone else and that could cause one of two things. One good and one bad and its very risky. One being what has happened before with Sega a complete bomb and death and the other being a two year lead in sales bigger than the Wii has right now.

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hay5487d ago

Screenshots won't show us how reliable this OS is.

Ghoul5487d ago

but they show us how many unnecesary gadgets microsofts forces onto us once again

lsujester5486d ago (Edited 5486d ago )

Yeah, Vista can do everything on those screenshots with a little tweaking, so I'm not that convinced.

My prediction is that the new OS will not be accepted that much better than Vista has been. It's still going to need brand new drivers, up-to-date hardware, and be extremely finicky about using older devices. Any progression of an OS will run into these issues, and so therefore many people will still be crying when they buy a POS laptop from Costco and expect it to be the holy grail.

Manet5486d ago

Yeah what's the deal with all the gadgets?
I like it clean and easy! I might be old fashion, "but that how I roll baby"

madestar5486d ago

true... how reliable is this???? will it read hardware??? will it run old programs???? how many times do we need to upgrade????? to me it looks like they are imitating mac os x leopard... microsoft fails

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Fishy Fingers5487d ago (Edited 5487d ago )

Vista, more glass and better toolbars.

But it's the performance in concerned with, I was foolish and jumped on Vista and it's promises early. That wont be happening again.

Jrome5487d ago

They say it will be less bloated than vista. I guess they learned from their mistakes...I hope. lol

Ghoul5487d ago (Edited 5487d ago )

can you spell CLUTTERED

that ui is horrible
i honestly doubt the realness of those screens they look more like ui hacks to vista created by users, there is no chacnce ms would unleash something that bad onto uus

Jrome5487d ago

I think it looks pretty good for a big multitasker like me

Ghoul5487d ago

well i am more then multitask mate, but that ui is unuseable :P
im yet looking for a good ui focused on the working poeple i need better application arrangements and tools

Jrome5487d ago

From the looks of it, you can customize the UI, that's just one variation. Stop h8ing

Presentist5487d ago (Edited 5487d ago )

Thank you for saying what I was thinking, the amount of clutter in this interface is laughable.

I'm a dedicated OSX user, but I love XP, I'm not sure that any new Windows OS will top XP as far as ease of use and productivity.

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Killa Aaron5487d ago (Edited 5487d ago )

Fake i have that exact wallpaper and ive seen all of these things on DA made by users and that ultimate about windows dialog is easily modifiable

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