DayZ Standalone hires new support lead to fix the issues faster.

To fix the problems with the game at a faster rate, company has hired a new support lead.

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Rockefellow2270d ago ShowReplies(7)
HappyWithOneBubble2270d ago

They must have seen the H1Z1 stream lol. Yeah they better step it up.

dodgemoose2270d ago

I suspect they consider H1Z1 a genuine threat, and rightly so.

kingduqc2269d ago

I've seen H1Z1 stream and they don't have to be scared, they already surpassed what they where aiming for and it's about 2 years from actual release.

Somebody2270d ago

Suddenly they really need to get the game fixed at a much faster rate and get off Early Alpha as fast as possible. A dose of H1Z1 can do wonders to a game.

cfc782270d ago

Maybe it has something to do with the next gen console release sooner they fix it on pc they can start to concentrate on xb1/ps4,we all know money can do wonders for getting things sorted quicker.

Grave2270d ago

Pretty sure DayZ is in trouble. H1Z1 has vehicles and the zombies don't run through walls so it's already a bit better.

MysticStrummer2270d ago

Yeah it does. I was happy to hear that the combat wouldn't be as fast and arcade like as it was in the stream. I can't wait to see more of H1Z1, and as happy as I was to hear that DayZ could very well come to consoles, seeing H1Z1 killed my interest for DayZ.

Timesplitter142270d ago

I'm excited for H1Z1 but I just hope they don't casualize it when compared to DayZ. I've played Rust a little but I got bored pretty quick. The PvP just isn't as fun when you can just quickly go back to your house and get re-quipped

I hope H1Z1 is more like DayZ than Rust

Grave2269d ago


They did say that fans of Dark Souls will like H1Z1 so that's promising. Also the game is perma-death.

MysticStrummer2269d ago

@Timesplitter - As a console guy I'm just going by vids I've seen of both. I definitely want H1Z1 to be as far from casual as possible.

I should have said my interest for DayZ was lowered a bit instead of killed, because as a zombie nerd I'll probably end up checking out both games if possible.

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The story is too old to be commented.