"One Button to Rule Them All" - Square Enix Awarded Patent for Single-Button System

Twinfinite writes, "Yesterday, Square Enix was rewarded a US patent for a single-button RPG battle system. It was submitted by Hajime Tabata, co-Director for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV."

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jerethdagryphon2270d ago

well that will make ff 15 a bit dull

iamtehpwn2270d ago

Not entirely bad. Kingdom Heart's combat system is 1 button, minus dodge rolling and jumping, both of which is already confirmed in FFXV. How I expected it to be, really.

Godmars2902270d ago

Still, they get panned for FF13 basically being a "1-button" game, and now they've officially adopted a 1-button mechanic, Assumingly for FF15.

This is Square literally not listening or addressing complaints.

Blackleg-sanji2270d ago

exactly it was already stated ffxv takes kingdomhearts battle system

TheLyonKing2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Depends the abilities you select, I would like to see someone fight sephiroth with just those buttons you mentioned. You need all of the face buttons and the quick link shoulder button too.

DOMination-2270d ago

Sephiroth isn't a tough battle. If you have 4x cut you can bring him down in a few attacks

hay2270d ago

Smells Xenobladeish with that positional context part.

One button combat schemes not always worked well, and spells a bit of flatness to the strategic layer. With FF13 and 14 chance of it being botched appears to be more probable.

Not sure how to position myself towards this revelation.

AsimLeonheart2270d ago

If they have patented it then they must believe it to be something special and do not want it to be copied by anybody else. I just hope that the battle system has depth and strategy. I do not quite like the KH battle system which is basically mash x until the enemy dies with an occasional press square to dodge or press triangle for a special action.

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colonel1792270d ago

I can see the instructions: Press X

Damn, this is going to bring a new meaning to button mashing.

dcj05242270d ago

Isn't that what games are all about.

Lukejrl2270d ago

remember Jetsons "my button pushing finger is getting tired" this world is getting closer and closer to that amount of laziness

Guitardr852269d ago

Not that I'm a fan of Squeenix anymore but I think the patent is to make a single button have multiple functions thus allowing a game pad to have multiples of funtions per button than they otherwise would get. I didn't really get the vibe of a single button "only".

TitanUp2269d ago

just because something gets patent doesn't mean it will automatically make it into the final product.

tons of people love kingdom hearts and all that game basically is one button smashing rpg action game so even if it does get implemented i don't believe to many people will complain about it.

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AgentSmithPS42270d ago

"... and in the darkness, mash it."

memots2270d ago

kinda like my wife she only has one button and i know how to push it.

George Sears2270d ago

Geez what a sophisticated redundant way to describe the patent...

1nsomniac2270d ago

What is it with this "casual gamer" crap?

We're not retarded you know!

The majority of the games I was playing between the ages of 5-9 years old were leagues above in difficulty than the majority of games released these days & I played & completed them just fine & they were more fun instead of trying to dumb us down.

dcj05242270d ago

Square's been doing this for years. They're just now patenting it. FFXV is basically Kingdom Hearts but in a differently universe basically.

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