This Side Up: PlayStation 4 Lands Staggering Punch

"Over the course of this past week, gamers had the chance to check out a new implementation of photo mode within InFamous: Second Son, Sony announced that seven million units have been sold to consumers worldwide, and the NPD Group confirmed that PlayStation 4 was the leading hardware platform for the third month in a row in America." Steve Perry, Stealthy Box

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GribbleGrunger2274d ago

The gap isn't 2 million, it's close to 3 million. Yet another journalist who doesn't know the difference between 'sold through' and 'shipped'. Surely this ignorance will end some day ... ?

Odoylerules0002274d ago

...No, it probably won't....

Maknsense2274d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

The sad part is that these guys is gonna believe "sold to retailers" and "sold to consumers" means the same. But yet wonder why you will find a stock of Xbone units still on the shelf and PS4 hardly visible! SMH. Plenty may argue that "oh PS4 is released in other countries than Xbone", but ask yourself these 2 questions:

1) Who's fault is it ?
2) Why are it taking those guys so long to release in other countries while they are so many units still in stock in North America?

You don't need to be Einstein to figure it out!

NewMonday2273d ago

let them clutch at straws

the gap will enviably get bigger, now it is growing faster than a rate of 1 million every 2 months

so whatever now lets say it's 2 million, later it will be 3 million after that 4 million then 5..6..7........

nix2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Wrong thread. Stoopid phone.

bleedsoe9mm2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

market for market probably less than a million lead , which is still really big

@GribbleGrunger not diminishing what the ps4 is doing in the US and UK , but with 40+ more world markets they should be way ahead in the global numbers

Hicken2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Dude, stop with this stupidity.

Is every market pulling in the same amount of sales?

That's rhetorical.

Tibet isn't as important a market as the UK. More games and systems are sold in Germany than Monaco.

Get that through your head, and stop repeating this crap like it matters.

I'm seriously considering not caring about getting marked for personal attacks anymore (since apparently questioning the ignorance of a comment counts these days). This crap is out of control.

bleedsoe9mm2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

@Hicken keep believing fairytale numbers that aren't meaningful , use real comparisons that actually have meaning . using sold thru numbers vs the shipped numbers in markets where both are for sale is a good point but in the rest of the world its completely meaningless since one company has sold thru units and the other doesn't even have units shipped .

johndoe112112274d ago

You just won the award for the biggest BS damage control spin I have ever seen from anyone....EVER!!!! That was a hell of a feat.

GribbleGrunger2274d ago

@bleedsoe9mm: 500,000 consoles over 13 countries will sell just as many as 500,000 over 72 countries. MS released in it's strongest territories and is still getting outsold. They're not going to spend even more money so that even more consoles can be sat on shelves in even more countries.

TKCMuzzer2274d ago

Some nice number twisting going on there, are you an accountant by any chance ;)

Hicken2273d ago

@bleedsoe: Irrelevant. Wholly irrelevant.

What fairytale numbers did I use? Oh, that's right: NONE.

The FACT is that the XB1 is losing. PERIOD. Pick any country you want, and the XB1 is losing there.

Then do some damn research. Even if it's estimates, the numbers will not be very large for the vast majority of markets. The PS4 isn't selling a hundred thousand units a week in Portugal. You're being stupid if you think all these markets have that big of an impact in total sales.

To top it off, these are markets where Playstation is historically strong, and Xbox is not. So that crap about, "wait until MS releases in more countries," is a pipe dream. If Microsoft thought those markets were significant, they would have released there already.

You people can't possibly believe when you say this crap. You would have to be an idiot to think it ACTUALLY makes sense.

And I'm damn tired of walking on eggshells because questioning the intelligence and reasoning behind comments like yours is considered a personal attack.

Just stop with this stuff. You're not actually that dumb. You can't be. It's too hard to believe that.

MysticStrummer2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Yeah this number of markets thing is a really silly argument. XB1 was released in it's potentially strongest territories. Not being in places where it won't sell anyway should be an advantage for MS because more consoles would be available where people supposedly want them, yet what we see is XB1s on the shelf even in those relatively XB friendly territories. XB1 isn't winning in it's strongest markets, even last month with the release of it's most anticipated game, so why would the weaker markets matter much?

@johndoe - "You just won the award for the biggest BS damage control spin I have ever seen from anyone…"

If you liked that, keep an eye out for MorePowerofGreen, edonus, FrigidDarkness, truefan, and georgenoob... and prepare to have your mind blown.

bleedsoe9mm2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

@hicken i'm not sure if you have post traumatic syndrome from too much time fighting a console war . or with the name calling you sniffed some tar from the gutter you slept in last night . as i said above "not diminishing what the ps4 is doing in the US and UK " .

now the xb1 isn't for sale in : Belgium, Denmark, Finland,,luxembourg, Netherlands,Norway, Poland, Sweden,Portugal, Russia,panama and Peru , Slovakia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Greece, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, South Africa,Chile, Colombia,Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala Argentina Bolivia, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, India and Malaysia and japan

even if you only take the 10 biggest countries its over 1.8 billion people , now is xb1 going to be ahead if the markets are equal , no . buts its going to be closer than 2 million units .

nix2273d ago

Bleed, you have to understand that even if One does come out in other countries, One is still 100 dollars costlier.

In India, for example, PS4 costs like 40,000 Indian rupees. That's like shit loads of money. PS3 is like 22,000. Games vary from 2500 for PS3 to 4900/3900 for PS4.

Imagine One coming out in India with a price tag of over 50000 which is less powerful than PS4. How many ppl do you think are going to buy it? It's the world's largest democratic country btw. People are still not comfortable picking up PS3 bcoz of it's price.

Bathyj2273d ago

I still can't believe people are clinging to that only 13 countries thing, like it's going to make the slightest difference.

Look at it this way, the lead is probably about close to 3 million but let's just say 2 cos I'll throw you a bone, I'm willing to bet all those countries MS is missing will take at least 5 years to sell 2million consoles in.

What is it you think their launch is going to change again?

The only change will be, you won't have that excuse anymore.

SpinalRemains1382273d ago

You're totally wrong.

The truth is that if MS released everywhere PS4 did, it would have sold LESS.

This is because their same supply would have been spread around to places where it doesn't sell well to begin with.

Don't you guys get it? If MS manufactures 5 million consoles and sends them to 13 markets, how exactly does sending them to 30 more markets magically create more manufactured units?

I can smell the wood burning. Come on, guys. Concentrate.

Chevalier2273d ago

Just to prove the stupidity of your comment:

Here are actual numbers. You can calculate yourself. 62.4% of 76 million Xbox 360 sales were between 2 countries (U.K. and U.S) . That means Europe, Japan and rest of the world accounts for ONLY 37.6% of their sales. Sorry, but, if you divide that 37.6% the numbers are very low. The 360 outsold PS3 in those 2 major countries. Now Xbone is losing badly in all 13 major markets which last gen was the majority of their sales and you think more countries is the solution?! That's hilarious because those 2nd and 3rd tier countries are traditionally Sony favoured markets. 80% of their sales should be in the 13 territories they launched are getting destroyed in sales. If Sony wasn't supply constrained they'd be even better sales.

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randomass1712273d ago

It's easy to mistake the two to be fair. I mistook the Xbox One numbers through word of mouth. Later on I had it corrected for me the hard way. :/

KinjoTakemura2274d ago

I don't think they understand that there is actually a difference between 5 million shipped and 5 million sold.

ShowGun9012274d ago

well who can blame them when companies are never actually honest with their numbers, giving shipped instead of sold, combining platforms to make sales look better, only giving half the story. Its always more important to look at what theyre NOT saying, that usually tells you the truth...

not confirming resolution? just saying its a good "experience"? probably not 1080 then. if it was, they'd be shouting about it. wont tell you how many hours a game is? thats not because its a +200 hour epic! dodging that question about framerate is never because they dont want the competitons game to look bad because it only runs @ 30fps. its because thats what theirs is running at. thats why im confident titanfall on the xbone DIDNT outsell infamous:ss... if it had, they'd have released the x1 ONLY numbers. combining the sales totals is a deceptive way to mask facts.

although "gaming journalists" SHOULD be reading between the lines and figuring things out for themselves, like sold-through VS shipped, they don't have the time for all that and would rather post click-bait.

boo, gaming journalists. boooooo.

KinjoTakemura2274d ago

Over the past few years have you ever known Microsoft to be up front about anything? Your job, our job, is to sift through the hype and rainbows to find the truth. Corporations are notorious for lying to people in order to make a buck.

Chevalier2273d ago

Exactly! Also last Gen ALL 360 and PS3 games had resolutions listed and this gen Xbone stopped listing them. So why not list them? Because they know PS4 will always list higher native resolutions. Plain and simple.

GamersHeaven2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Are people really this dense 5 million SHIPPED not SOLD but shipped if you are still confused Shipped=to retailers as in stores they get whatever MS ships to them and whatever they sell counts as a sale for Microsoft last time I checked Xbox one is around 4 million SOLD vs 7 million PS4'S sold WW that's a 3 million difference.

Master-H2274d ago

Annoying attached video plays by it self , ugh.
OT: i think everybody knows the difference between shipped and sold numbers, they just choose to ignore it.

DEEBO2274d ago

like i said before MS be channel stuffing stores but i get ban for two days and bubble down for speaking the truth.

We have to understand that the people who believe MS sold 5 million x1's are the same people that believe the 360 80 million wasn't using RROD 360's to make their numbers better.

So bottom line is with all the hype from gamestop to bestbuy marketing,price drop with a free game and gaming journalist BS sony still is the king of the consoles.
oh'well on to the next one(mlb/watchdogs)

caring is sharing

randomass1712273d ago

I thought only new console sales counted toward those numbers? Or do retailers include used and refurbished?

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