Game Theory: MatP Thinks Nintendo’s YouTube Polices are Harming the Wii U’s Sales

In the latest episode of Game Theory, Mat P thinks that Nintendo’s YouTube policies are harming the overall sales of the Wii U systems. While this might sound crazy, there is some logic behind it all.

Note: This is the last part of the three-part series by the Game Theorist(The part 1 and 2 are below in case you missed it). Check it out and Enjoy!

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EliteGameKnight2623d ago

huh, that just might be it. I can see Youtubers as the Trend setters, at least to some degree, so Nintendo preventing their games from being on YouTube could definitely be holding the Wii U's success

randomass1712623d ago

Nintendo prevents content from being put on YouTube? I thought all they did was claim the content.

EliteGameKnight2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

Nintendo doesn't allow monetization with their licences. Youtubers can use their gameplay as long as they give rights in the description and disable Ads.

Without advertisements, YouTube personalities don't get money, or at least a minuscule amount, which in turn cuts the creation of Nintendo-based videos.

Nintendo indirectly prevents their games from being put up as their is no incentive to do so for Youtubers

TitanUp2622d ago

gamers shouldn't be able to make money from just playing games on youtube anyways.

yeah lots of work goes into editing and the like but reviews are fine but not full play through of another persons game or product.

Bimkoblerutso2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

Well, it's not necessarily JUST Youtube.

The point is that Nintendo, for all it's willingness to innovate technologically, still seems to be employing a group of hopelessly out of touch old geezers in their marketing and networking departments.

You combine things like their account-less online store, their Youtube policies, their archaic online multiplayer structure, and what you have is a recipe that almost always de-emphasizes the kind of digital community that can take a pile of dog crap like Flappy Bird and turn it into a national sensation.

Gamers want to be able to celebrate the games they love with other people that share the same sentiment, and more often than not, it's that open and far-reaching enthusiasm that makes games take off. Nintendo does not seem to understand that.

randomass1712622d ago

I get what you're saying, and I think you're right about it too, but saying that Nintendo is "preventing" content from being put up is misleading. I've seen other game companies remove videos and close YouTube channels over this issue. I think losing one's channel is worse than losing revenue on a particular set of Nintendo videos.

3-4-52622d ago

IF the policies were the same, but they had 100+ more awesome games for it, this wouldn't even be an issue and shouldn't be.

EVERYBODY needs to be patient and wait for E3 so we can actually have intelligent discussions about the future of gaming again.

WiiU/PS4/XB1 = Each of them don't have a lot of games to play that appeal to a large amount of people.

XB1 = Sold because of it's fans and their knowing they are getting more of what they like.

PS4 = Sold well because of past history. Playstation ALWAYS end up having a ton of good games released for them, so PS4 fans know to be patient and the games will come.

Wii U = Is selling what it is mainly from support from Loyal Nintendo fans + appeal of a few really good games.

Neither has everything. You can't get it all with just one of those.

* You can't play anything like Mario Kart 8 or Smash Brothers or SM3DWorld and Pikmin or any of these awesome games unless you have a Wii U.

I can't play MLB The Show 14 or Destiny until I get a PS4. It sucks but just the wait it is. I don't hate on anybody for it, or get mad or blame anybody, it's just the reality it is.

Each system can be an amazing video game machine but it's up to the user to make it that way.

LAWSON722621d ago

The day everybody has intelligent discussions on N4G will never happen.

Activemessiah2622d ago

Somebody at nintendo needs to see this video and get it through their thick skulls to stop their anti-youtube campaign... hell, they've even included youtube on the Wii u so really what is their major dysfunction?

randomass1712622d ago

It's... really not an anti-YouTube campaign when you think about it. They're not removing content, so much as taking revenue from footage of games they made. And they're not the only ones who have done it either. One of my friends' channels was hit with several strikes because of copyrights regarding Silent Hill's music. And he mostly did game playthroughs.

Activemessiah2622d ago

So many youtube channels I subscribe to refuse to post Nintendo related in FEAR that they get a strike, now I dont know if there is any truth to this but they have successfully created a climate of fear in which most people just don't take any chances... they either come out and explain themselves or they really are against people uploading it.

Ninja_G_Aidan2622d ago

Screw the Wii U! Seriously over this amount of time the console has been out. They haven't brought out enough good games for a worthy purchase. Fix the account system where if you buy digital games its on record on your account, just like Playstation and Xbox.

randomass1712622d ago

That's not true at all. I want a Wii U by the end of the year because the neat stuff that's out and coming out. Pikmin, Wonderful 101, Mario, Donkey Kong are all out now. Mario Kart comes out in a month, Smash Bros. is due by the end of the year and Bayonetta 2 and X come out this year as well, along with a few others I can't put my finger on right now. I know people don't agree with nintendo on this YouTube thing, but that's not a good reason to unnecessarily bash the Wii U. There's enough of that on this site that it doesn't need to be an off-topic discussion.

Geekman2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

OHHHHHHH, Absolutely true. Incidently, I suggest those who haven't watched the video yet stop before the "A GAME THEORY" part.

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