inFAMOUS: Second Son Paper Trail Part 5 Now Available; More Free Gameplay as Things Start Heating Up

It’s Friday, and as every Friday Sucker Punch made another episode of the Paper Trail mission line available in inFAMOUS: Second Son and on the Augmented Reality Game website.

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leemo192272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Just got done with it wasn't too hard once you get pass the origami part. Can't believe its over next week it felt like it went by quick.

betrayed gamer2272d ago

is there going to be dlc? or is this it?

Abriael2272d ago

They said they're gonna decide after this is done.

hay2271d ago

I sure hope they won't decide by the popularity of this one too early because I wait for all of them to be unlocked to finish. Not a big fan of 5 minute chunks.

Twinblade2272d ago

I'm stuck on the beginning of part 4 on the flyer. lol.

GameSpawn2272d ago

Dove > 11 digit code > http://departmentofunifiedp... > > piece together shredded flyer (it's a pain) > use the pass code from the flyer on the lifeline purity forums.

Sorry for the short response. Typing this on an ipad.

Twinblade2272d ago

I am stuck on piecing the shredded flyer together. Lol.

whybag2270d ago

Go to the forum as posted before, and go to the post titled "Funny Flick" to see the video. At the bottom of that comment string, click the post that says "Damn right! Already sinched up eight bags of trash, just waiting to be burned." to see a picture of the next area to go to. From memory, it's in the southwest of the southern island, near the coast, not clearly marked.

AidenPearce2272d ago

If this doesn't end with delsin getting the Paper power, People are gonna be pissed.

xKugo2272d ago

I doubt they give him paper power in this. Perhaps in DLC, which I've thought for the longest that this entire Paper Trail mission was a prelude to.

Ozmoses2272d ago

I got to finish up the paper trail. Probably will wait till part 6 comes out and just finish it all at once..

UnHoly_One2271d ago

Agreed. I don't care for the way they are doing this.

I don't care for the web based stuff either. I just want my game to be a game, all on the same device, none of this ARG crap.

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