Appleton: Games like 'MLB 14,' 'Watch Dogs' finally justify new consoles

The Fresno Bee's Rory Appleton takes a look at five games that will turn your beautiful, neglected PS4/Xbox One into your new best friend.

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XiNarutoUzumaki2274d ago

Infamous Second Son and Titanfall are reason enough to pick up either PS4 or the Xbone right now imo. both are amazing games!

StanLee2274d ago

How? Neither provides a gameplay experience you could not have on last gen consoles. Infamous certainly looks the part but lacks substance or any real evolution of the open world sandbox. I bought a PS4 at launch but I'm still waiting to be "wowed" by this generation's games.

Muffins12232274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Ehhh...infamous had some nice physics with nice graphics combo on the ps4 that could not be on ps3,and infamous was pretty damn fun for me,sure not a master piece but enough for people to buy that game and recomend it.

Remy_S2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

True, but these two upcoming titles are just prettier versions of games that are also releasing on last gen consoles. Evolution in gameplay will come but in the meantime better graphical fidelity is definitely welcome.

younglj012273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

You wanted a game to wow in the first 7 months of this gen?To be honest I feel like the first year of any console launch is like a tech demo.I have to say so far Sony have shown amazing tech with title like Infamous:SS,KillZone:SF,Knack, The Order,MLB 14,DC,and even 3rd parties titles are better on PS4.

Its amazing how people are still able to doubt Sony ability to create/develop amazing games.Think about this how many 1st party studios didn't release a game during the PS3 lifespan that made their success during the PS2 era.For the past 8+ years I think Sony and their developers have been working on some amazing titles in every genre we can think of.Don't be surprise before the PS5 comes out either Naughty Dog or Quantum Dream could have an title win a Oscar...

Gaming is only getting started.

chronoforce2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

lets be honest infamous second is particle effects tech demo, I mean neon, smoke and video powers! Sony can pay for their own R&D. TitanFall is yet another military multi-player shooter. how these two games were used to justify the purchase of a current gen is beyond me.

randomass1712273d ago

I'm surprised so many people didn't agree with this. A lot of people really like Second Son and Titanfall.

Dynasty20212273d ago

Infamous is certainly fun, but only for a few hours.

Once you get a certain power, you never see a reason to use the others, and once you've "cleared" the map, which takes a few hours and is stupidly easy, there is...mmmm...LITERALLY nothing else to do.

It's a game that doesn't do anything, graphically or gameplay-wise, that we haven't been seeing since maybe 2009.

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Bigpappy2274d ago

Surely doesn't apply to X1. The Show certainly is not on X1, and non of those games are exclusive to X1.

randomass1712273d ago

Multiplats are not bad though. That just means you make your choice and it just happens to be available on other consoles. No big deal.

Bigpappy2273d ago

Plants VS Zombies, Ryse and Titan FALLS already Justified my purchase. That list is PlayStation centric and was intended as such. The mention of a Wii-u game is just their for cover. I should read : Games which Finally justify our PS4 purchase.

Chrischi19882274d ago

Non of these games are, because all of them also came to last gen or are coming to last gen. I know, it is not the same graphics, but who cares? Who has such high mental problems, that he had to buy a PS4, just for Watchdogs, because it looks better. But whatever, I mean, I am writing on this board, so let the disagrees begin^^

sizeofyou2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

So we should all neglect better graphic detail, textures, draw distance, smoother frame rate and higher resolution - and live in the past?
It's called progress and evolution.
That's not say there isn't fun to be had on previous gen - mine still gets used loads.
I disagree - but not bothered with 'Disagree'. You're welcome to YOUR opinion too!

Chrischi19882273d ago

Ok, so you are willing to spend like $400 for 1 game, which you could play perfectly fine, just because of better visuals. That is not evolution. If the game would only come to current gen and not to last gen, then I would say it is worth the buy, but everything else is for people with serious mental problems. Oh no, it is unplayable, it is just 720p, my eyes burn^^ Come on, you know what I meant by that.

randomass1712273d ago

But there are plenty of other games coming to the new consoles as well. Arkham Knight, Battlefront, Destiny, Watch Dogs, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, all of that is coming.

sizeofyou2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Nope - I'm willing to be an early adopter for current gen. And whether games are available on last gen or not - more likely to buy on current gen. Obviously.
In that respect - I didn't buy for one game, I bought for all it offered and hope will offer.
So assuming you buy a next gen console in next two years, are you still going to buy last gen versions of games if released on both? Because everything I mentioned earlier isn't important? Come on...

Grown Folks Talk2274d ago

They were justified day one. Everybody knows there were games incoming they would want to play. You either get the system immediately just to have it, & wait for the titles you want. Or you pick the system up when those titles are closer to release.

Same as last gen, I now own both. There will be plenty to occupy me with both of them. Wii U in my son's room should anything exclusive drop for that which interests me. Bases loaded.

RobAlmighty2274d ago

100% agree, I will have every one as new games come out. I do have Wii U and PS4 now though, just waiting on Super Smash Bros and The Order.

Grown Folks Talk2273d ago

Everybody has a preference, but if you can afford it, & have the time to invest, too many good options to limit yourself by blind hatred.

randomass1712273d ago

Kudos to you sir. :) Bubble up!

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