Wolfenstein: The New Order - 30 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

This footage was captured during a livestream and according to Bethesda, the next stream will be on Thursday, April 24th at 2pm EST. Wolfenstein: The New Order is currently planned for a May 23rd release on PC, old-gen and current-gen consoles.

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AKissFromDaddy2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Great length but 360p sucks.

Weapon wheel make me happy. It's sweet that the more a weapon is used, it's usefulness improves too.

Side note, it's weird that the main character is a fetch boy and so obedient. So far, as the player, I won't make any decisions. That's unfortunate.

Beastforlifenoob2269d ago

The game looks fuc*ing amazing CANT WAIT TILL MAY 20 and 27

marloc_x2269d ago

Kudos to your enthusiasm noob...maybe come up from the basement for some air?

TitanUp2269d ago

360p doesn't bother me my internet is not fast enough to watch anything above that on youtube.

i like how fast paced this game is, interesting that they are implementing a lot of old school fps features maybe other developers will start doing the same.

DialgaMarine2269d ago

Does anyone know what resolution/ framerate this will be on PS4?

Neoninja2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

It's suppose to be 1080p and 60fps for X1/PS4

randomass1712269d ago

Whoo! Awesome for dual full HD. :)

pakua2269d ago

Does this even matter? Looking for some cheap points in the console war my friend?

SamPao2269d ago

Don't get so defensive, he just asked a question about the console he owns.

MasterCornholio2269d ago

Wow your really worried about the PS4 version being 1080P 60FPS for some reason. Dont worry I'm sure the developers are not lying about the Xbox One version being 1080P 60FPS. However I don't believe they will look the same though given the history of multiplats on the Xbox One.

Just my opinion.

marlinfan102269d ago

is this the deciding factor on games for you?

NarooN2269d ago

Maybe he was just legitimately curious? Jesus, people on N4G are way too combative and defensive.

corvusmd2269d ago

Looks good, reminds me of old school medal of honor/cod

randomass1712269d ago

Not sure if that should be taken as a good or bad thing...

memots2269d ago Show
NarooN2269d ago

Just for reference, the original Medal of Honor games and early Call of Duty games (which were actually made by the people who made Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, i.e. Infinity Ward before they left EA and named themselves that) were all great games.

zeuanimals2269d ago

Reminds me of Wolfenstein.

Ghosts2269d ago

I feel like this is going to bring COD vibe back..I cnt wait.

BX812269d ago

I've never played a wolfenstien game but count me in for this one.

Neoninja2269d ago

I haven't played the one on the 360/Ps3, but the ones I have played were a lot of fun! This is pretty much a day one buy for me now.

randomass1712269d ago

Wolfenstein is a neat little series. Also you get to kill Nazis. Everyone wins!

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The story is too old to be commented.