Dragon Age Inquisition: Rumors Point Towards a Dye System in Armor Customization

Dragon Age fans are curious if whether or not the upcoming system will feature dyes. Today, in response to a player, BioWare’s GM Aaryn Flynn indicated that was affirmatively said in the past is true until proven otherwise.

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Bigpappy2266d ago

I have a good felling about this game. I see a lot of effort to make a full featured RPG.

Neoninja2266d ago

After the disappointment that was Dragon Age 2, they aren't holding back. I'm happy to see them putting in a lot of effort and fix the mistakes they made in DA2.
Even though it's foolish on my part, my expectations are high for DA Inquisition.

randomass1712266d ago

Seems Bioware really went back to the drawing board with this one. :)

Saints942266d ago

You know that EA forced them to make DA2 in under a year? Any "mistakes" are justified.

DOMination-2266d ago

That and DA2 was basically made by interns

Senyra2266d ago

I doubt they'll make the same mistake again. Not after seeing how much the series are praised.

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GhettoBlasStarr2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

I can't stop watching the Youtube footage for this game. This is one my most anticipated games. DA3, The Witcher 3, Destiny & Division can't come fast enough.

nerdman672266d ago

I just want it now.
There is so much coming that I just want now. Sadface

MrCrimson2266d ago

Stop the presses folks we can dye armor!

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