Bungie Weekly Update- 4/18/2014

This week at Bungie, our inboxes were flaring up with status emails about every facet of the experience. According to the big green font at the top of each page, we are ON TRACK. Those two simple words in repetition are packed with emotion, and even a tiny bit of relief. We’ve been working on Destiny for so long – ages it seems like. For much of the journey, we’ve been trying to figure it all out, pretending that we could predict the perfect outcome and simply execute, knowing all the while that things are never that easy, and never will be. When you have a studio this talented, and this driven, every single moment matters. So, what do we focus on? What is Destiny? Where do we go from here – from this moment – to make sure we’re making something that leaps the bar we’ve set for ourselves?

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ArbitorChief3082d ago

Sweet as, news on Destiny is coming soon although I hated that Bungie refused to answer fan questions, I'm still upset and curious as to why Marty O'Donnell was fired.

djplonker3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

^ notorious xbox troll still loves bungie even though they killed his franchise when they handed it over to 343, we have no right to know what goes on behind the scenes......

I can't wait for the beta for destiny I have gone off watch dogs and invested all my interest in destiny!

ArbitorChief3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Halo dead? Last one sold 9+ million and is played online more than any other Playstation exclusive...

spicelicka3081d ago

Bungie killed halo? Wtf are you talking about, just because you don't play it doesn't mean it's dead. I feel lucky to be able to play both halo and destiny in the same era