Lego Batman Released For The Sega Mega Drive In Russia

While the Mega Drive may be long forgotten by retailers in the likes of the UK and US, it would appear that shoppers elsewhere around the globe are still buying new releases for Sega's 16-bit console. Of these, the latest to reach the classic system in Russia is Lego Batman. No, really!

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Rockefellow2266d ago

This is an actual product being sold in actual retail locations? I'm amazed. I've seen countless bootlegs of modern games retrofitted to older consoles out of Russia (and China, and the Philippines, and...), but I've never heard of them being packaged and sold in retail locations.

Kudos to the devs for taking the time to develop what's seemingly original code, even if it's full of glitches and looks moderately awful. Too many interesting "new" retro releases are horrible mods and Rom hacks of older games.