Do the Establishment Games Press Engage in Circlejerking?

GR - As defined by Urban Dictionary, a circle jerk is the act where "a group of males sit in a circle, jerking each other off."

Urban Dictionary offers another definition:
When a bunch of blowhards—usually politicians—get together for a debate but usually end up agreeing with each other's viewpoints to the point of redundancy, stroking each other's egos as if they were extensions of their genitals (ergo, the mastubatory insinuation). Basically, it's what happens when the choir preaches to itself.

I can't say that the establishment games press has engaged in the first definition of circle jerking, but I, and certainly Youtube personality Angry Joe, could make the point that the representatives of games "journalism" have engaged in totally redundant agreements of each other's view points, as if they were scared of the reaction from both readers and publishers for disagreeing.

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ftwrthtx2266d ago

Is it wrong to agree with someone about a game or product that is clearly defined by what is being agreed upon?

If 15 people have the same opinion about a product, that generally means it's a good product, right?

ThichQuangDuck2266d ago

Not necessarily. Titanfall was a circle jerk of a hype train that failed to mention the repetitiveness or tediousness of gameplay over even a short period of time. The previews for Titanfall and E3 hype train were not very specific at all. JETPACKS!MECHS!FREERUNNING! RESPAWNWN! They however for whatever reason seem to not look at things critically but rather instant gratification. Reviews are the same way. It is a "good" product but how much of that is due to people being told what is "good" rather than analyzing game mechanics and thinking for themselves?

n4rc2266d ago

So you seem to think everyone that is having a blast with it are just too stupid to realize that they dnt really like it?

You find it repetitive.. Doesnt mean everyone else has to think that

TrendyGamers2266d ago

You'd have to ask the guy sitting next to me.

sdozzo2266d ago

I said circlejerk. Look at me.