Will the Console War End in a Stalemate?

CCC Says: "For years, the console war has raged on. We’ve seen systems come and go, some more notable than others. While many point to the Nintendo/Sega years as the beginning, you can backtrack even further to a time when Atari and Intellivision would run commercials comparing how much better their game’s graphics were to that of their competitors. Thus, technological advancements would become the x-factor many would focus on, in their attempts to solidify their superiority in the market. Some would succeed in doing so, while others would flounder in their efforts. Atari Jaguar is a shining example of style over substance, ultimately leading to its colossal failure."

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randomass1712268d ago

Only if all three consoles turn out to be sudden failures which is practically impossible. If anything, they will be victorious by making more money off of the games they make.

Geekman2267d ago

I read an article a while back stating that all 3 consoles are making a profit, therefore all 3 consoles are winning. I agree, but granted, it was the holiday season. The Wii U and Xbox One aren'tselling as well as they were when that article was written.

randomass1712267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Oh that will change, I think. Xbox One will get more buyers as time goes on and Wii U will get boosts from Mario Kart and Smash and all of the other exclusives. All three are bound for success, I think. :)

miyamoto2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Another Elmer FUD attempt to discredit the PS4's success. M$ checkmated them selves. PS4 represents progress & improvement while the other two Wii U & Xbox One backwards mentality.

There will be no double KO or stalemate!
I assure you that.

MelvinTheGreat2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

I disagree. The Xbox is more innovative and focus on more, i think that the xb1 is pushing the industry foward, but the xb1 isnt for everyone. The ps4 isnt really pushing the industry as much but its definantly not going backwards, but its focus is gaming and its amazing in that department and thats the reason why its doing well.

nix2267d ago

I think when PS3 came out it was marketed as all-in-one multimedia console. So what One is saying is nothing new.

alexg5872267d ago

The xbox inovative i give it that much but as a gaming machine i dont think will do anything the ps4 cant, even with the evolution of the cloud in years to come, and with developers learning use it....but as multimedia machine it has potential which where they can get sales from all the ppl just who want a nice all in one.
I think ps4 and the bone will both be succes ....loving my ps4 btw ;)

lefty2267d ago

Ps4 and xb4 playin it safe the only one doing anything new is nintendo and they are being crucified for it, please aside from graphics which isnt a big deal if games are still being played for fun, please tell me what progress ps4 brought to the table.

GamersHeaven2267d ago

Nintendo played it the safest same name with a U how original,cheap hardware to lower cost so they can bundle the Gamepad at the same time loose little to no $ it's the same exact strategy as the original Wii there was little to no brain process behind the making of it.

As for the Gamepad this is where Nintendo played it the safest Tablet/Controler=Handheld it was Nintendo's way of catering to every one unlike the Wii mote but in the end failed to please every one or do anything new or innovative.

lefty2266d ago

I respect your response but let me give you an example, look at titan fall its a good game balanced shooter and people who rate it said despite not having neext gen graphics it has next gen gameplay which i respect so why wen the big N offer next gen gameplay which it has from the wii and continue on the wii u. I just think fair is fair.

randomass1712267d ago

I disagree completely. Wii U and Xbox One in their current forms do not represent anything backwards at all. That being said, PS4 is definitely a gamer's system and deserves its current success in first place. That's not a good reason to knock the other two.

tgunzz2267d ago

When the gen is complete, it will probably be close like last. It's too early, and a long way to go to tell... It's going to be another good one.... No matter the approach, both will meet up at the games... We win......

Hicken2267d ago

What's the basis for tgif assumption which I've seen you posit multiple times now?

What is going to turn this blowout into a close game?

tgunzz2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Revised structure, price point, more world map coverage, great game line up, and of course, diminishing development learning curve. People don't like to feel controlled, although many aspects of the world we live in say otherwise. Ms initial launch plan wasn't compatible with the console game community (even though it's still coming). That was it's root problem, and will take time to get over (which is happening)It's been reworked, and strategies are being implemented. Ps3 dealt with the same things (multimedia first, game second, higher price point), and moved forward, why can't the same be considered for xb1??? Is it because it's MS, did the DRM policy feel that controlling?? It's no longer there because the community didn't accept it (for now).. It's early enough to still end in a close race for these two companies..

randomass1712267d ago

The generation is unpredictable. Markets shift and what not. Not saying he's right, but there could be a surprise upset. Who can say? There is no real way to predict it.

Hicken2267d ago

Every relevant thing you say is something that will happen on both consoles, or will not result in any significant advantage for the XB1. Being out in more counties, for example, won't do much because there's historically little demand for Xbox in those countries. To top it off, many of the well-promoted features won't be of any use.

As it pertains to being controlled or whatever, that'd silliness. Uninformed people often give up their rights and freedoms for the appearance of convenience; fortunately, the majority of the gaming community isn't like that, so what you promote won't be happening any time soon.

That nonsense aside, literally everything else you mention will also be happening on competing platforms, meaning they won't be factors that allow the XB1 to close the sales gap.

It will require some unforseen blockbuster, combined with huge gaffs by Sony, for the XB1 to make it close, let alone come out on top.

chrissx2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Negative. Ps4 got this gen in the bag

skydragoonity2267d ago

lol not a chance ps4 will always be on top

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