Sony Introduces Brand New 99 Cents Flash Sale On The PSN Store

GearNuke: "Sony has started a new sale on the PSN store in which most of the games are being sold for as low as 99 cents."

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AKissFromDaddy2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

The sale is officially live yet,'s on the Vita store so it's coming.

user14394142271d ago

Hopefully also a PS4 sale :) It seems a lot of Vita and PS3 deals lately and would love the PS4 to be included in some bargains.

uptownsoul2271d ago

Been wanting to play Back to the Future and it was $20 for a while…Now $1? SOLD

DarkLordMalik2271d ago

You can still buy the games for 99 cents by searching for them on the store. I can see 99 cents price for Gex on the PSN store on Vita.

Back-to-Back2270d ago

Buy Super Stardust HD and Retro/Grade

Jonny5isalive2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

OHH [email protected]#$, gex enter the gecko. HELL YEH IM BUYING THAT GAME!!!!! I INSIST THAT YOU ALL DO TOO< its a ps1 game.

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robtion2271d ago

Red Faction 1 is a great game. Open world destructible environments at their best. Check it out if you never played it.

Errefus2270d ago

wish the recent red faction games would be like the the orignial

Superherox702270d ago

Red faction 1 isn't open world, your thinking of guerilla which is the 3rd in the series, red faction 1 is a level based fps not an open world sandbox and it started on ps2

robtion2270d ago

Yep I know, didn't realise they were talking about the original ps2 title. Both great games though so win win really ;)

GeofferyPeterson2271d ago ShowReplies(3)
randomass1712271d ago

Holy crap... that's quite a sale. o.o

1nsomniac2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

This is exactly what the Vita needs, competitive prices with other mobile devices.

I'm the first person to be saying I want proper full games on the Vita not mobile games. But I'm happy to have mobile games on the system if they're priced at normal mobile game prices.

* Oh man this looks like US only, I was hoping it would come overseas too :-(

TitanUp2270d ago

i know it cost more to develop on vita than an android device but i think one of the bad things about vita is price of games.

randomass1712270d ago

Agreed. This could definitely help Vita compete more efficiently if capitalized upon.