Rumor: Street Fighter IV hitting PC

Rumor has it that Capcom's latest entry in the Street Fighter universe will make its way to next-gen consoles and the PC this winter. According to a story from French gaming site Jeuxvideo, Capcom inadvertently announced the platforms for Street Fighter IV on a site reserved for the press.

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TrevorPhillips3889d ago

im getting this for the ps3 because ps3 has the best control for fighting games and 360 for fps games

[email protected]3889d ago

Yup, the D-pad of the Dualshock is the best for this kind of game and as expected I'm getting my copy for PS3.

crimsonfox3889d ago

well everyones getting it eh???

Reibooi3889d ago

Gonna pick up the PS3 version as well the controller is just better. It's odd though why they would release this for PC. Its not exactly the type of game the PC crowd would be getting into.

theox2g73889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

exactly, and they're treading new grounds just like RTS and MMOs beginning to come for consoles, They tried early last 2 gens with Resident Evil, It was successful on pc, they tried with DMC3 and though it was the worst port of all time, it still did pretty good, so Capcom ever since have been doing many many pc versions of most of their games, If you've noticed, they've never done that many pc games in the past before, they were console oriented, but now we have Lost Planet, upcoming colonies, DMC4 with a few additions and bonuses, Bionic Commando:both remake and next gen version and quite possibly a late RE5 considering all main Resident evil games have made their way to pc inevitably

even if it is not well suited for pc which is false by the way since you can use virtually any controller and the option of gaming on an hdtv, they don't have to close minded and limit themselves, you have to open up and expand if you truly want to grow, that's why lots of 360 exclusives end up on pc and vice versa, this gen, the exclusivity line is thinning out

I wouldn't be shocked, after recent announcements of Burnout Paradise and Saint's Row 2 for pc, Any recent console game can potentially have a pc port these days

Delive3889d ago

bring a football to a baseball game.

TheIneffableBob3889d ago

Capcom is a member of the PC Gaming Alliance.

gambare3889d ago

I'm getting this one for PS3, the DS3 feels better for fighting games, the same thing will go for SC4

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