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Uncharted for PS4 showing at E3 2014, "Looks Great, Amazing", TLOU PS4 Not A Huge Project: Insider

According to well know industry insider "Shinobi602", Uncharted for Playstation 4 will be showcased at E3 2014 and The Last of Us: Remastered for Playstation 4 is just a Summer filler and not a huge project

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xHeavYx2308d ago

Pretty sure this rumor is true. MS and Sony will have a fierce E3 battle

Abash2308d ago

There is no way Uncharted PS4 is missing E3 this year, but I am more interested in all the "secret" PS4 games that Bend Studio, Media Molecule, and more have yet to announce

Am-No-Hero2308d ago

don't forget Quantic Dream Game :)

vishmarx2308d ago

captain obvious.
when has uncharted not been gorgeous,amazing
and god bless our eyes with other reveals,like god of war ,possible jrpgs from japan studio,quantic dream,thatgamecompany,plus all the undisclosed secrets projects potentially including the last guardian.
our eyes shall melt

thekhurg2308d ago

I know I'll get disagrees - but I wish people would stop reporting on things these "insiders" say.

ZodTheRipper2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

I think we will finally get an idea of the stuff Sony's 1st party is working on ...even though I expected this much earlier. I'm dying to see what Media Molecule, Quantic Dream, Japan Studio, Polyphony, Santa Monica and of course Naughty Dog have been working on in the last few months years.

angelsx2308d ago

I think no chanse to see Uncharted 4 this year.Probable 2015 holliday season.

chrismichaels042308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

48 Hours after Sony announced the PS4 reached 7 million sales...its being reported that Uncharted 4 will be showed at E3. Its like Sony is daring the competition to step up at E3. This years show is going to be intense.

TheGreatAndPowerful2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Pretty sure Shinobi was joking when he said "great, almost amazing" tweet. lol

TitanUp2308d ago

wish people would give up last guardian comments for now give sonys other announced games some hype.

Sheikh Yerbouti2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

I feek dizzy from anticipation. Games, games games...! I think Naughty Dog has a new IP too.

Psygnosis3332308d ago

8.9 ;)<---- Great, almost amazing. lol get it ?

miyamoto2308d ago

Naughty Dog always gives a teaser trailer on VGA and a full trailer at E3 the following year so this means a Fall release for Uncharted PS4. It will also be two years after TLOU release.

The stars are aligned.

Media Molecule's 3D game creator game will be phenomenal!

psman0122308d ago

Media Molecule is one of the biggest ones I'm looking forward to as well. I say this time and time again, but please, PLEASE Bethesda...unveil Fallout 4 while you're there. I would be forever grateful! Next gen only!

UltraNova2308d ago

Sony will come hard with Uncharted and Destiny and MS will reveal Halo. It will come down to Uncharted Vs Halo in the end.

DOMination-2308d ago

Absolute trash as always from an insider.

This game was only in preproduction when it was announced in November. I find it hugely unlikely that six months later they would have a polished demo to show at e3. The game won't be out until November 2015 so I expect to see it at next years e3.

MazzingerZ2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

I have the feeling SONY will surprise us with an RPG, western or japanese-style? Don't know but that would make sense, PS4 is like the reborn of PS2, they sold their Square Enix shares... SONY getting back into RPG s would definitely affect SE who are releasing their own in the near future.

I took that as a signal SONY is reviving the RPG genre among their franchises...maybe this is rather a wishful thinking from my part than reality...but who knows;-)

tbone5672307d ago

Uncharted 4 vs Halo 2/5. Let see which sell more copies. Can't wait for this battle.

Sevir2307d ago

Absolutely true, ND already confirmed that the lion share of the studio is working on Uncharted for PS4... And I'm sure they started The Last of Us PS4 port back in Feb when PS4 was announced, making progress.

Looking forward to seeing everything at their show

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Plagasx2308d ago

Halo vs Uncharted E3 2014 GO!

k3rn3ll2308d ago

Neither of which will come out this year which sucks. Maybe halo

Rickgrimes952308d ago

I truly feel a lot of the 3rd party games will be showcased at the ps4 conference so expect possibly to see AC unity, far cry 4, battlefront, an then the rockstar guys walk out announce gta5 for ps4

-Foxtrot2308d ago

I'd rather see Rockstar announce something else. They do owe Sony still after they paid for L.A Noires development when it was still an exclusive.

Rickgrimes952308d ago

@foxtrot I would too but maybe gta 5 will only come to ps4

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2307d ago

I'd like to see red dead redemption 2 for ps4. Get a version fully optimized for ps4. Loved it on ps3 but it was held back, doesn't need to be held back again.

Blacksand12308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Amazon have UC4 coming 12\31\14

extermin8or2308d ago

placeholder, still it might come this year, ND sai it was unlikely but in the same sentence of that statement said Tlou ps4 wasn't happening either.....

randomass1712308d ago

Looking forward to E3. Sooooo much cool stuff on the way. :D

psman0122308d ago

It's going to be a crazy battle! It can't come soon enough. I hope Nintendo does something cool too. I mean, I've been a Sony fan since I started playing video games a looong time ago, but it seems like Nintendo is getting phased out of the gaming market (somewhat). I hope they too show something off really cool at this years E3.

Rimeskeem2308d ago


Hopefully it wont be a total massacre of one or the other

Kennytaur2307d ago

And it'll be won by Nintendo with Zelda U, or Ubisoft as usual. But I'm looking forward to all of E3. Still hoping for The Last Guardian...

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-Foxtrot2308d ago

Long as Nathan, Elena and Sully are in it I can't wait.

Oh and hopefully the online is more like Uncharted 2, but knowing ND they'll most likely keep adding onto it making it every other online multiplayer. Why don't they just take Uncharted 2, fix the problems in that online, add all the character customization and then add randomly generated guns during the match so no one memorizes where the good guns are.

Least then Uncharted has it's own thing, instead of crappy gimmicks like loadouts, kickbacks, weapon mods which make the game unbalanced and more about unlocks instead of actual skill.

a08andan2308d ago

You and I both love Uncharted! It is my favorite game-series of all time I'd say. It has story, amazing acting, amazing character interaction, amazing settings, amazing graphics. In short, it is amazing! I loved all of them and Golden Abyss was my first game on the vita. And I loved that. It looks stunning. I have never played a series that makes me wanna continue like Uncharted does. And my god. The theme-song? It almost makes me cry every time I hear it! I just sounds so EPIC!

Aaaaand I also have a crush on Nathan Drake. My god. RAVAGE ME NOW!!

Aheeeemm.. I mean...... *awkward*

Salooh2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Great cats think alike :D.

(Licking drake is my dream /JK xP)

M83_2308d ago

I agree with nearly everything you said except for the randomly generated weapons. I love that, it's like a throw back to older games and gives each map its character because you can build a game plan on that.

I love uncharted 2s MP. I think it's simple and great. Everyone starts off the same, there's no gimmicks, just skill -and it's still very fun. It's different and unique compared to all the other same-y shooters (killzone SF included unfortunately, especially since KZ2 MP was so great).

Maybe I'm crazy, but I'd be very happy if they ported the U2 formula over, added loads more maps and increased the player count from 10 to 12 or 14 maybe? TLOU shows us we don't need a massive player count for a great online set up.

-Foxtrot2308d ago

" I love that, it's like a throw back to older games and gives each map its character because you can build a game plan on that. "

The problem is though if you played Uncharted 2 enough you saw over time people rushing to the best weapons on the I'm not saying it's a game breaker but it does get annoying especially on Elimination as stupid people on your team will keep dying again and again just for a Shotgun for example.

"I think it's simple and great. Everyone starts off the same, there's no gimmicks, just skill -and it's still very fun"

That's exactly why I liked it. It was so balanced, even after the 1.5 ypdate it was still more balanced then the majority of multiplayer games out there today.

I loved how everyone started off with the same weapons because it wasn't about what you had unlocked. If you have two players, one new to the game or dosen't have the time to play much vs a very high leveled player with the best guns in his loadout, with the best weapon mods and best boosters upgraded....then you know who is going to win skilled or not. It's unfair in my opinion

Everyone should start off with the AK-47 and a pistol. The only thing you should be allowed to change is your side arm. You can choose the all rounder pistol, the powerful but less accurate shorty (less ammo) or the accurate, mid powered but massive recoil revolver.

Hell even the "Classic" mode they did for Uncharted 3 didn't feel the same.

They said before Uncharted 3 came out the multiplayer was so they could "take on the big boys" like COD, Halo, Battlefield etc but then after it's released they went onto say something along the lines of "Oh we would never get sales anywhere near those games" what was the point in messing up the multiplayer like every other online game out there.

Tatsuya 2308d ago

You are missing Chloe, dat ass ain't going nowhere! :)

king_george2307d ago

I have an unhealthy obsession with that fictional character lol

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Am-No-Hero2308d ago

you will see lots of rumors but E3 will say the final word

randomass1712308d ago

So much anticipation! I can't wait! :D

corvusmd2308d ago

I'm sure there is no doubt that Uncharted 4 will look great, the Uncharted Series was known for looking amazing on'd have to take a HUGE screw up to make it look even remotely bad.

SixtyNine2308d ago

Uncharted.. I can't resist this title. If there's anyone that'd make me get a PS4. It has to be Drake.

I don't think Uncharted will deploy in 2014 tho'
we'll be waiting a while.

Beastforlifenoob2308d ago

Gameplay footage ---> E3 2014
Release ---> June-Nov 2015