Wii U sees small growth in sales in March despite no notable releases

GGG tries to explain how the Wii U actually saw a minor sales increase in the US in March despite the marketing onslaught for other games (Titanfall/InFamous/Metal Gear) during the month and the fact that no real new games being released for the system either.

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UltimateMaster2271d ago

Wii U: 72k for the US
Xbox One: 311k for the US
PS4: 370k for the US

It's an improvement over last year.
But they need to do something big to have significant impact to boost sales.

diepdiep2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Hopefully the rumored Mario Kart 8 premium bundle is real. It will definitely boost sales tremendously.

kreate2270d ago

i just want some jrpgs on the wii. dont really care for any mario games.
thats just me though.

thehobbyist2270d ago

Something big you say? Well we've Mario Kart 8 coming out at the end of may(AKA, when school is about to get out for all the kiddies). Then Smash Bros and Bayonetta 2 coming out this holiday season. Wii U Zelda confirmed for E3 this year which might also be coming out this year since they didn't show it last year to give Link Between Worlds it's time in the spotlight. All they have to do past that point is announce a new Retro studios Metroid game and we'll see a MASSIVE boom this year.

Benjaminkno2270d ago

Monolith's X is all I really want to play. Everything else is secondary.

Sly-Lupin2270d ago

I know Nintendo is baffling and all, but it seems particularly weird to see them doing... nothing with the WiiU when they were able to notice and correct the exact same problem with the 3DS after only a few months.

randomass1712270d ago

Glad not everyone is on the "It's doomed" bandwagon. Wii U can sell more. Needs a lot more exciting games though.

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ritsuka6662271d ago

For the Wii U it's decent sales, considering there weren't any major releases in March for the console.

Beastforlifenoob2270d ago

A small number increasing by a small amount is not deserving of a congrats. A BIG number growing by a BIG increase is contgrats deserving

When the amount their selling is soooo low its not hard to increase.

-----> Diehard Nin fanboys disagree buttons there your not gonna read my comment anyways may aswelll just hit it because your all illiterate 3 yr olds

marloc_x2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Super Mario 3D World..93, Wind Waker HD..90, Pikmin 3..87, New Super Mario Bros U..84, DK Tropical Freeze..83, , average score..87.8 Compare software sales to the install base of your favoured console;) Oh, and I have fired tens of thousands of rounds across three shooters, ( before you suggest we BOTH shop at Baby Gap noob..).

fonger082270d ago

That's funny there Noob because at least we know how to spell and write actual English lol. But you'll get it I promise, just keep practicing, just like Nintendo, small victories, am I right?

Swing and a miss...

randomass1712270d ago


Cynicism like that isn't helping anything. That being said, Nintendo deserves whatever recognition they can get at this point. Besides, Wii U has gotten some big boosts anytime a game comes out. Mario Kart and Smash will not be an exception.

Benjaminkno2270d ago

WiiU is gaining momentum. I'm certainly glad Nintendo is in last place on the home front, we need to make all companies successful. I'm not worried about Nintendo in the slightest.
Sony and MS are the ones that need to thrive.
I can't imagine a world without any of it, so we should direct our disdain at mobile/app gaming, as those are the real culprit destroying home console gaming, at least for all three to co-exist adaquately.

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neogeo2271d ago

When NiN can afford it they should consider $249. It's the magic price IMO. Same price as the older Wii and it's low enough that no one will complain about the less powerful specs because the price is set just where it should be for the specs. Then drop seom MK, Zelda and Metroid on us.

wonderfulmonkeyman2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

The price it's at now is already low enough for a console that supports HD and many more features than the Wii did.
If it were the same specs as the Wii, I would agree with you, but it's not. So the same price isn't justifiable.

What it really needs is better advertisement.

deafdani2270d ago

That reasoning makes no sense. According to that logic, then, the PS4 should have cost more than $600, because it's superior in specs to the PS3, which released for $600.

I know it wouldn't be easy for Nintendo to drop the Wii U's price to $250 (seeing how it already has seen a $50 price cut), but there's no denying it would help make it more attractive to the consumer. But you are right in that price cuts alone won't be enough.

Wii U needs a lot of things to get better sales: price adjustment as soon as possible, marketing, and more game support. Seeing how third parties have abandoned Nintendo as usual, I think Ninty should double or triple their own game release efforts to compensate. Yeah, I know, easier said than done, but as a Wii U owner, I'm a bit starved for games now. I've played almost every notable exclusive Wii U release to date, except for Pikmin 3, Lego City Undercover and Sonic Lost World (will get around to these eventually).


wonderfulmonkeyman2270d ago

@ Def: It makes perfect sense, because the PS3's situation was DRASTICALLY different than the Wii U's.
The tech inside of it was far more difficult to develop for and, at the time, far more costly.
They HAD to release it at that higher price in order to cover costs, but swallowed a bullet to get it to sell faster, which led to massive amounts of debt for a number of years.

The PS4?
Not so much.
It's far more closely related to PC's than to the PS3's architecture.

The Wii U, on the other hand, isn't nearly as complicated to develop for, by comparison, while still being easily twice if not three times stronger than the original Wii.[there's even a report of some Unity developers being able to get ports running on the Wii U with, literally, "a flick of a switch"]

At this point in time, with the system still only into its early years of life and many of its best games from high-profile IP's not even out yet, a further price drop would only place it in the same debt-drawing situation as the PS3.
Nintendo may have far less debt than Sony and plenty of cash to afford a bit of loss, but it would be stupid to actually ACCEPT those losses when the system doesn't NEED the price drop to get selling better.

If you want proof of what I'm talking about, look back at last year's E3.
See what Sony did with the PS4?
It's selling by virtue of its advertisement hype and its tech specs instead of the gameplay quality of its games.

Nintendo needs to do what Sony did with regards to advertisement.
They've got big-hit titles already out on the market, games that are gems that will likely outlive the system itself in the minds of many gamers.
That comes down to advertisement. End of.

As to your statement, if all you've played on it is its exclusives, you've missed out on quite a few decent indie and third party games that play spectacularly on the system.

deafdani2267d ago

The majority of indie and third parties available on Wii U, I can play them on my PS3. That didn't stop me from playing Kung Fu Rabbit, Runner 2, Trine 2, Cube, and other awesome nifty third party games on the Wii U. Don't assume.

And all of your arguments are pretty solid, but I think you misunderstood my point a little bit. Up until the Wii, Nintendo always made sure that their home consoles hit a pretty affordable price for the time it was released it, which always equalled to... let's say about $199-$249, adjusting to inflation.

NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube and Wii, all of them had pretty similar price points for their respective period of release.

They changed that with the Wii U, which was a whooping $350 for the "premium" bundle, and $300 for the basic one.

Yes, I'm aware that the Gamepad played a big factor on the Wii U's price... and I actually like it a lot. But that doesn't change the fact that Nintendo decided, knowingly, to release a console that was more expensive than everything else they released before, historically.

Now, imagine if, instead of a Gamepad, they used a normal controller. The money that was spent on the Gamepad would've been spent on more hardware power, which could have made the Wii U closer to the PS4 / Xbox One in sheer power, but maintaining the same launch price of $350 or even cheaper.

But Nintendo will always be Nintendo, and they do their own thing. They decided to go after a different controller instead of more power, and I understand their decision, but there are consequences for that. Poor third party support is one of these consequences, and poor third party support is one of the reasons the Wii U is doing badly. See my point now?

I said it before, and I will say it again: there's not a SINGLE reason for the Wii U's lackluster performance sales-wise. It's more due to a myriad of reasons, and yes, price is one of them. And the price of the Wii U is a direct consequence of Nintendo's actions, so now they need to make up for it.

I honestly don't care too much. I actually have been a Wii U owner since day one (bought two Wii U's, the second after the first one was stolen), but come on. You know perfectly well that the Wii U's situation is mainly Nintendo's fault, and not anybody else's. Why? Because Nintendo gotta be Nintendo. :P

randomass1712270d ago


It already gets bundled with a $50 game, so it's practically the price you're asking for. :/

deafdani2270d ago

The Wii was bundled with Wii Sports, too, which one could argue was a "$50" game. (It was sold standalone in Japan).


wonderfulmonkeyman2271d ago

It likely saw a bit of sales growth because word-of-mouth is slowly spreading about it.
That and it has recently gotten a very awesome direct for Smash on top of a few really nice VC and indie games.

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