Marvel Ultimate Alliance XBox 360 Review

Comic book fans are known the world over for being hard to please. Whether Marvel or DC buffs, they know their stuff and remember everything. If anyone messes with their heroes, they do not sit idly by to say the least. Case in point – the internet backlash that resulted when the Spiderman movie had Peter Parker naturally gaining the ability to shoot webs rather than building customized web shooters like the original comic storyline. See, I told you, we remember everything.

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THWIP4446d ago

...this game came out 3 weeks ago. Why are we posting reviews for it NOW?? It's a fun game, but it's just another lame last-gen port, by a lame developer too lazy to create anything truly worthy of next-gen hardware.

'Nuff said

ZeroTolerance4446d ago

Thanks for your contribution, it was truly appreciated. Also I wasn't aware that three weeks was ancient, that is the problem with this industry, people complaining all day long that they have nothing to play when there are games right in front of them. Oh and next time we will let you review it with that amazing synopsis you gave of the title in your comment.

fablex4446d ago

The fact that you don't like the game doenst make it a bad game. Hell, Xboxic gave it a 9, Gamespot a 8.4, I wrote a review for my gaming site giving it a 8. It is a good game if you like the genre. It takes 20+ houres to beat the singleplayer (most games on the 360, you blast through in 8-10 houres). The graphics are nice, there are lots of options and it is Wolverine, Spider-Man and Blade in one game!

frostbite064446d ago

Zero three weeks is kind of a long time. If this is the first time anyone saw a review for this game they either a) arn't a gamer b) have been living under a rock

THWIP4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago ) fact,if you could read, you'd see that I said "it's a fun game".

The fact is, it simply isn't worth $'s not doing much with the 360 assets, so they shouldn't charge the extra $10. Sure, plenty of devs have been guilty of the same...but I've been equally upset with them. Raven took the easy way out, using a 5 y.o. engine, in a game that's identical, gameplay wise, to both XML games....on a next-gen console.
The best compliment I can pay the game...which I beat 2 weeks that the CGI cutscenes deserve to win an award this/next year. The sad thing is, after playing through G.O.W., you realize that the ACTUAL GAME should've looked more like the CGI work, rather than a PS2/XBOX title.

ZeroTolerance4446d ago

I never said you didn't like it, I said that posting a review for a three week old game isn't ancient. Personally I loved the game, but once again if you read I didn't review it. I just hate the fact that people consider games old less than a month after their release.

THWIP4446d ago

But I also never said the game was "old". It's just that it's been out for nearly a month, as have the reviews; reviews are typically posted prior to a game's release, or shortly thereafter.

power of Green 4446d ago

"(most games on the 360, you blast through in 8-10 houres)" I must be playing some different games and not playing-em like a game troll.

power of Green 4446d ago

So this is what; must be going on in the new Democrat leadership. Now that we dont have to fight off angry right winger/PS3 fans on who's the best party/console.

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