Is Sony Winning the Console War?

"Sony has recently announced that they have sold seven million PS4s since its release five months ago. They have beaten their sales expectations of five million units. Meanwhile Sony’s competition, which includes Microsoft and Nintendo, has had mixed results"

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FrigidDARKNESS2272d ago

It doesn't have a problem. Xbox one is killing it with 5 million sold in 13 territories vs 7 million in 50 plus territories do the math. If both consoles were in 50 plus territories the story would be different.

Infamous2982272d ago

@FrigidDARKNESS Dont count on it

gaffyh2272d ago

@Frigid - People also said that MS would dominate in the US, even with the $100 difference. Fact is, TitanFall was the biggest game for the Xbox One in the near future. And it still didn't push them past the PS4 in their home territory for the month.

They need to remove Kinect, and cut the price. I've said it since they announced the Xbox One, and I am 99% sure it WILL happen. Then people will start buying.

NewMonday2272d ago

5 million "distributed", not sold yet

based on the last confirmed sell-thru the number is 4 million

by the end of 2013 Sony reported about 4 million of sales and MS reported about 3 million of sales, but in the last 3 months the gap grew bigger by another 2 million

that means a rate of an extra 670k a month, and now that Titanfall is out of the way the rate will be even bigger and by the end of 2014 the PS4 could be ahead of the XB1 by 10 million units.

miyamoto2272d ago

PS4 is winning the console war M$ brought upon themselves. LOL!
No matter how anyone will spin it Xbox One is a miserable mess. They can't even remove Kinect even if they want to in desperation. They just can't. Kinect is tied by contract to M$ partners that I will not mention if they remove it they will be violating millions of dollars in contracts.

aceitman2272d ago

@ FrigidDARKNESS here read this this will clear up what u think is sold customers instead of retail, now after u read this from a xbox website u will see its 5 mil sold to retail meaning to stores (on store shelfs not to homes )

MysticStrummer2272d ago

I can pretty much guarantee that even if he looks at that link and knows it's true Frigid will keep saying the same thing anyway. No one really believes MS can win worldwide even if all territories had both consoles, but people like him keep saying it.

OT - Of course it is. It's winning WW as expected, and in the biggest market which MS won easily last gen.

OllieBoy2272d ago

Even MS would laugh at your delusions.

amiga-man2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

You can only feel sorry for people like frigid clinging to anything that the might explain xones poor showing, choosing to ignore the fact it has weaker specs for more money launched with the DRM shambles and forced kinect that isn't wanted by many.

For M$ to lose America is a huge indication of how the tide has turned but it's easier for him to ignore the truth lol

edit: randomass171

If frigid prefers the xone fine it makes no difference to me, but to try and defend it with the sort of delusional arguments he makes is frankly ridiculous and why pick on me pretty much everyone realises how stupid his argument is even you.

randomass1712272d ago

I only feel sorry for him that people feel the need to make fun of him for praising his preferred system. PS4 is going to be my pick between the two, but Xbox One isn't really doing poorly and it has no DRM features anymore, so that's not really a factor at this point other than that it had a bad launch as a result.

randomass1712272d ago

I made the same mistake the other day. That 5 million is shipped, not sold. Good shipping numbers, but not great when considering that PS4 has 7 million in the bag AND they are dealing with supply and demand issues.

Xdone2272d ago

Go home frigid, you are drunk... As usual.

captain_slow822272d ago

Upto now the only thing MS have been "killing" is the Xbox brand lol

Charybdis2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Doesn't matter how you look at it at the moment ps4 is winning in sales even if xb1 was in 50 plus territories.

Don't get me wrong Microsoft is doing fine in software sales, even though the large sales gap between the ps4 and xb1 hardware they somehow seem to manage to sell a decent amount of software compared to its competitors.

hkgamer2272d ago

i dont think so, I think MS played it too safe. Sony took big risks and manufactured an amazing amount of consoles therefore was able to supply to so may countries.

ZombieDust2272d ago

I think it is quite the opposite my friend.

greenlantern28142272d ago

You do know if you subtract all the sales from every territory that PS4 is in and XB1 isn't the PS4 is still ahead. And when are they launching in these other territories later this year, next year, never who knows but I guess if you can add in all the imaginary sales xb1 might get sony can add in all the sales they might have if the supply was equaling the demand

Magnes2272d ago

@frigid Again 5 million shipped not sold MS said it themselves. Sony's 7 million sold are all in the hands of customers. MS 5 million shipped includes a lot still on store shelves. Do we really have to go through this every time.

Eddie201012272d ago


The PS4 is ahead in sales in all 13 countries that the Xbox One was released in.

The story would be pretty much same even if Microsoft released in the same countries because the majority of the lead would still come from the same thirteen countries they both are available in.

THe PS4 is nearly 250 thousand ahead of the Xbox One in the U.S. alone. PS4 sales in the same Eurpean countries that Xbox One was released in are nearly double the Xbox One. Even in the UK and Australia the PS4 has a significant lead over Xbox One.

PS4 = 7 million sold through to consumers(Sony official anouncement). PS4 's sold to retail number is probably 7.5 to 8 million units.

Xbox One = 5.2 sold to retail( Microsoft official anouncement). They haven't given an official number for sold to consumers.

medman2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

@frigiddarkness sucks from Microsoft's can hardly blame the poor slob for being in a state of delirium. That is what comes from the monumental arse whipping Sony is laying on Microsoft. The whipping is so colossal, even the xbot only kiddies are feeling it in the genitals.

DoesUs2272d ago

Poor Frigid, your nerves must be shot to pieces these past few months as everything i told you would happen, is playing out in front of your very eyes. Barely over 4m sold to consumers, Titanfall not being the system seller you proclaimed, multi plat games coming up short on XB1, and now multi plat cancellations.

Chin up though, just another 7 years to go before the XB2 lands.

NeoTribe2272d ago

Have you tried asking yourself why ms havnt released in the other areas but sony has? Have you looked at the past sales of those territories? Did you know ms didnt release in those areas because they knew it would be dead on arrival? Ofcourse you didnt. Cheers.

iplay1up22271d ago

I have one thing to say to you...XBOXOFF. LOL.

I have no interest in XBOX this time around. I do not like the Kinect, the tech still sucks Netflix proved that to me.

PS4 has more power and more 1st party games. It also has a better price point. XBOX has already gone down to $449 at Walmart WITH Titan download included. I doubt Microsoft thinks Xbox is doing that well to drop price and include a game 6 months out.

I have to be honest and say I am playing Wii U more than PS4 still. Its all about the games.

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randomass1712272d ago

I would certainly say so.

mochachino2272d ago

So far yes and MS is eating humble pie. MS thought Sony was done this gen too.

randomass1712272d ago

That is the funniest, most unsettling thing I've ever witnessed.

ShowGun9012272d ago


kudos lol

GamersHeaven2272d ago

7 mil vs 4 million sold to consumers you tell me.

No_Limit2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Yes and I don't care. The Wii won the console war last generation but it seems like no one cares but 5 months into the new generation, and we have 50 articles daily talking about how the PS4 is winning the war? LOL

RiPPn2272d ago

The Wii won casuals and that's why no one cares. Sony is winning the core and that's all that matters. Apples and Oranges my friend.

HeWhoWalks2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Aren't you someone that claims no sides? Posts like these contradict that.

To the point - right now, the PS4 IS winning this generation. Capitalizing "LOL" doesn't change that.

No_Limit2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )


"Aren't you someone that claims no sides? Posts like these contradict that."

How is that contradicting? I own both and I can care less who is winning, what is so contradicting about my statement that state "I don't care"?

If I were to say "Yes, PS4 is winning, poor xb1 owners" then that is contradicting to someone that claims no sides! See the difference. lol

@ eWhoWalks ,

Dude, stop trolling me, if you don't get what I am saying and can't stand the fact that I love all my systems, then stop replying to my comments and go play some games or something. lol

HeWhoWalks2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Simple - for a guy who claims no allegiances (or as you love to put it, "here to support all these companies"), you always post something against one specific tier of the market. That would be contradictory.

And again, posting "lol" doesn't change anything. If nothing else, it is shows a serious argument weakness.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans2272d ago

Of course you don't care undercover Xbox fanboy. And the Wii only sold well because all the old people and milfs wanted one to "exercise" and shit like that. Most of those casuals that bought the Wii probably only enjoyed it for a year. But M$ still finishes in last past, last generation. They have never one a console war and probably never will, their games don't really appeal to no one, but us Americans and Europeans.

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