Tales of Hearts R launching this winter in the west

In the wake of two leaks from GameStop, Bandai Namco has now officially confirmed Tales of Hearts R for overseas territories.

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NewMonday2271d ago

proud to say I had a hand in lobbying the Tales fanbase to Tweet Shahied for this game.

Inception2271d ago

Already gave my vote (one of those 3000+ comment) since Gio Corsi announced his team

I'm happy they doing their homework ^^

Cloudberry2271d ago

Has Shahid ever confirmed that the #jrpgvita is Tales of Hearts R?

Inception2271d ago

Well folks, for you who always asking about when Hearts R coming to the west, this is it. I hope all of us will support this game like crazy. Show it to Namco that they not wrong to localize this game!

randomass1712271d ago

Congrats to all of the Tales Of fans out there! :D

Cloudberry2271d ago

Don't forget Innocence R too.

I hope Bamco also localized that too.

hkgamer2271d ago

100-200k is that a good enough figure for namco? but tbh it couldnt have cost them that much to localise anyway.

I think its worth a company to localise, if money is tight then just do a digital release.

Inception2271d ago


Tales fans AND RPG fans :)


Take it easy tiger. This year we already had Symphonia Chronicles and soon Xillia 2 and Tales of Hearts R. Next year we have Zestiria. But yeah, i want Innocence R, Rebirth, Destiny director's cut, and Destiny 2 :D


Well, if they only put english dub i'm sure it's not that expensive to localize the game. But if they put japanese dub too, than yeah it will be moreee expensive.

Whxian2270d ago

already bought it on jp psn and played while reading a script from the older version for nds, but i will still get this to both support it and to be able to finish the game 100%,

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Austin482271d ago

So is this going to be a rare release like xenoblade? You know only so many copies over here

tiffac0082271d ago

Finally! My body has been waiting for this game for quite sometime now :D

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The story is too old to be commented.