Arkham Knight’s Ending Linked to Previous Two Games

The ending of Arkham Knight may be linked to the logos of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

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Mankey2275d ago

I would certainly hope so.

minimur122274d ago

I find it kinda funny how rocksteady aren't treating Origins as an entry to the series, I know they obviously didn't develop it, but its like they don't even know it exists

SaintAlpha1012274d ago

Because Origins is a prequel and not part of the trilogy.
The Arkham Trilogy would start with Asylum, develop in City and end with Knight.
Origins was it's own stand-alone game and wouldn't be counted.

Rocksteady do mention Origins from time to time too, since they gave their blessings to the game, saying Warner games did a good job.

randomass1712274d ago

Origins wasn't made by Rocksteady. And it was a prequel. I'm not sure they're really obligated to include it in their own canon.

Baccra172274d ago

So it's going to have a lackluster ending like the other two?

Billybobjoey2274d ago

You're kidding, right? City's ending was a major shocker.

randomass1712274d ago

But did it really matter in the grand scheme? For all Rocksteady could care it's non-canon.

randomass1712274d ago

I didn't think the other Arkham games had lackluster endings at all. Well maybe Origins, but then that wasn't even made by Rocksteady.

TheFallen13272274d ago

I don't think Gotham is gonna be destroyed at the end of arkham knight , batman will find a way to stop it, after all he is the batman

randomass1712274d ago

If they ended it that way that would mean they intend a sequel, and I'm pretty sure Rocksteady said this was their last Arkham game.

TripleXuLtiMaTe2274d ago

I never got the chance to play City or Asylum, but I intend on getting this one, so I hope it gives at least some background information on what happened before in some way, since this game looks too good to miss and I wanna understand the story.

Skate-AK2274d ago

It should. It's all part of the same story.