PAX East Evolve Interview With Turtle Rock's Josh Olin - BagoGames

"From the creators of Left 4 Dead comes Evolve. Is Turtle Rock Studios' upcoming FPS the next evolution of online multiplayer? Pun Intended, by the way."

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Ajoyshop2278d ago

Love Left 4 Dead when it first came out. Made killing Zombies with friends a real thing and fun too. If this game is half of what that was but better I'd play it.

iNFAMOUZ12278d ago

Left 4 dead 3 has to come out

cellur1112278d ago

Valve doesn't know how to make games in 3's.

CapnMikeM2278d ago

played as a Survivor and it was tons of fun. I wonder how they will keep this fresh because I can see this getting old quick if there aren't a ton of maps/modes.

thejigisup2278d ago

It wasn't this interview but tr stated that there'd be several maps I don't think there will be too many different modes though. I'm excited to see the next monsters. Hoping for a flyer, a swimmer, a monster that it's really a small swarm of monsters that would stay grouped together kind of like controlling a pack of raptors or something, maybe a cat like monster would be fun.

1nsomniac2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Interesting that although it's 4 hunters each class will actually have several characters each & you don't have to take 1 of each class. At least that shows they are thinking of ways to pad it out for replayability/longevity.

...Also I see wildlife AI & mechanical moving scenery. Where's Microsoft & Respawn? Surely they should be around here somewhere claiming its only possible with the power of "The Cloud" - Sorry I had to do it, purely for how ridiculous they were with their comments about it....

thejigisup2278d ago

I thought you had to have one of each.