Success - The Next GRID Game Will Feature A Cockpit View

What was the one feature that most gamers criticized Grid 2 for not supporting? Yeap, that was no doubt the cockpit view that was removed for no apparent reason. So, GRID 3 (or the next installment to the GRID series) will be announced in a couple of days and a lot of gamers wondered whether Codies have learned their lesson or not. Well, good news everyone as the development team has been listening to its fanbase, meaning that the cockpit view will return in this new installment of the GRID series.

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Deceiver_Of_The_Gods2275d ago

They said it would be a new IP -.- Not a new Grid game.

Yi-Long2274d ago

I've lost all interest in GRID, after the terrible 2nd game.

Absolutely LOVED the first game, but the 2nd game was completely ruined for me because of the crappy AI and the horrible filter they threw over the graphics.

When was the last time Codemasters actually released a really good game? Colin McRae 4, Dirt? Grid?

It's just been disappointment after disappointment these last few years.

Not to mention the DLC-milking they've got going on, which is luckily the reason why I didn't buy GRID2 when it came out (got it through the PSN+ program for free instead... so luckily I dodged a bullet there...)

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods2273d ago

Ok I agree it's weird but still , thats what thet said...But I have to say that although I liked the first one the second was a failure...:/

TitanUp2274d ago

i also thought the same thing, ill look for the article again but i swear i thought we was going to see a new ip

ZILLA2274d ago

Finally,now im ready to buy GRID again.please make it gritty and fun like the original.

weirdo2274d ago

no cockpit cam spoiled grid2 for me, it's my favourite view

king_george2274d ago

I can honestly say i find it difficult to play a racing game with no cockpit view lol i've just gotten way to used to it

Memoman2274d ago

I never really use the cockpit view, it's cool that it's there for those who use it though. But that was not the problem with Grid2. The problem with Grid2 is that the handling and AI were unrewarding. You just didn't get that gritty feel for the wheel. It was like an R/C toy.

Codemaster's no longer master of his domain.

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The story is too old to be commented.