Is Nintendo Purposly trying to kill the Wii U?

I released a video quite recently discussing Nintendo's proposed plan to release Super Smash Bro's on the Nintendo Ds First!....

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GuruStarr782275d ago

I've said it before and ill say it again... wii u needs a universal trophy system... no one wants to buy 3rd party software for the wii u when they can get it elsewhere with better and more features..

randomass1712275d ago

I disagree. Omitting a feature like that is the least of Wii U's worries. They need to get practical things like party chat, cross-buy, and a marketing team that isn't a batch of monkeys.

nerdgenious2275d ago

the thing is, they where supposed to attract hardcore gamers to the console with more improvements, they are instead pushing the ds over the home console, smash bro's could have sold more consoles with the eh games release on tehw ii u, how and why should people bother with the console now when they can play it on the 3ds months before the wii u's release

The Great Melon2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )


3DS Super Smash Brothers will never be the same as playing it local with friends. Local Play is the main reason most people probably buy Super Smash Bros (I know its mine and my friends' reason). I don't think Smash on the 3DS will really siphon too much of the Wii U's potential consumers away from it.

Magicite2275d ago

Times are getting rough, Nintendo wont survive with pink unicorns and princesses alone, they need some hardcore stuff too.
3rd party games are a no sellers on WiiU and 1st party ones are coming too slow.

-Foxtrot2275d ago

I don't see why they didn't expand on the "Stamps" idea they have going.

Nintendo Stamps seem like a cool concept.

robparko2275d ago

I agree. Nintendo Stamps would be a cool concept. It would be up to the developer if they want to hide them in-game (like Super Mario 3D World) or have players complete achievement-like activities for them. They could then use them on the Miiverse, giving them a function other than just waving around an ePenis.

wonderfulmonkeyman2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

A universal trophy system does not even come CLOSE to being as good a feature as the gamepad.
You can't even USE trophies. They're just there for bragging rights.
If they're going to do any trophy system at all[and it should be based around the stamps, so that we can actually use the damned things], it should be AFTER they've made sure that there are a lot of games coming to the system that will use the gamepad appropriately!

And as to the video, it's idiotic to say Nintendo's trying to kill off the Wii U based off of Smash 3DS's release timing.
They're going to have interconnectivity between the two as well as differences between versions that will make both worth owning.
The Wii U version will also have more stable online by virtue of being able to connect to wired internet, and on TOP of that, it's releasing near to the holidays, when games traditionally get more sales.
The 3DS version is the taster to the main course; everyone who's serious about the series is going to want both versions because each will bring forth unique features worth owning them for.

contradictory2275d ago

you SERIOUSLY think that's what'd sell Wii U?

Metallox2275d ago

It needs games attached to your NNID, not to your console.

fenome2275d ago

Thank you! That's what's stopping me. I had a Wii and purchased a LOT of games on the Virtual Console. My Wii fell on the floor and broke, I thought 'what the heck, they're cheap' so I bought another one.. Couldn't re-download any of my games without buying them again! WTF?!

That turned me off of their consoles completely. Hopefully they've fixed this by now, because that was a good few years ago. If they fix that then maybe I'll get a Wii U and give it another shot.

I've still got an NES, SNES, and N64 that work though, so I might stick with those. That whole mess left me seriously jaded. If they really start rocking out some good stand-alone titles then I'd definitely pick one up. I'm still iffy on that whole giant controller though, it looks uncomfortable.. I haven't tried it yet though, it just seems that way.

I can't hate on Nintendo, they started me on gaming (Actually I started with an Atari, but I consider my first TRUE gaming experience on the NES). They just need to figure out what the hell they're doing now, 'cause it seems they've lost their vision.

Metallox2275d ago

@fenome Fortunately for you Nintendo has confirmed that both 3DS and Wii U will have this system very soon.

AKR2274d ago

Apparently that's already been enabled, according to Nintendo Tech Support.

zero_gamer2275d ago

I like trophies but it's no deal breaker without them. They're nice nick-knacks and all, but the game itself is what I play a game for. I play games on PC and couldn't care any less about the Steam achievements. Same goes for Xbox.

just-joe2275d ago

This is the equivalent to complaining about the hood ornament of a car when you should be looking at the engine.

ritsuka6662274d ago

Well Wii U will slowly fade away as a party/family console. It's not gonna compete with PS4 and Xbox One. That's a given.

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nerdgenious2275d ago

Online needs to be made alot more user friendly also, the fact that the company has not implemented a proper online play system kinda bothers me, it would turn the tide if they offered this free system as an alternative to both sony and microsofts pay for play systems

randomass1712275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Getting into online games is actually about as easy as it is on other consoles from what I've seen, it's just that it lacks party chat and a game invitation feature. :/


Very true, I completely agree, but omitting online multiplayer is not the same as not having a good infrastructure. Black Ops 2 and ACIII doesn't take too much time from what my friend showed me. Can't say anything about Sonic Racing though.

nerdgenious2275d ago

Games like Nintendo land that needed an online feature wasn't given one, sonic all star racers you have to go through a long process to get yourself into a game with your friends, its taxing to say the least -_-

wonderfulmonkeyman2275d ago

Nintendo Land, I can agree with, but Sonic Racing was on Sega's hands, not Nintendo's.

DragonKnight2275d ago

Yes, every company invests millions into a product just so they can make it fail. /s

randomass1712275d ago

Genius idea. Sony should try it with PS4! It'll earn them even more millions!

GeofferyPeterson2275d ago

They should, that poor little thing is in a lot of pain. It's kinda cruel.

randomass1712275d ago

Well then Nintendo should take the bear trap off its leg and help it out!

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