Microsoft’s Phil Spencer and Aaron Greenberg React to NPD Results, Praise Titanfall: “Was a Big Bet”

The NPD results for the month of March are in, and reactions are starting to come in from the Microsoft side of the trenches. As expected, words of praise are mostly for Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall, that has quickly become Xbox One’s poster boy.

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Axios22271d ago

Congrats Respawn

TitanFall leads the World in games sold that launched in 2014

DragonKnight2271d ago

"TitanFall leads the World in games sold that launched in 2014"

NPD = USA ≠ The World.

2014 = 12 months

Current month? April. Current numerical month? 4.

Statement made by Axios2? Non-factual.

thorstein2271d ago

Titanfall "a big bet" that Respawn and EA are kicking themselves about. That game could have doubled sales with a release on Playstation consoles.

-Foxtrot2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Pretty sure MS counted PC and Xbox One sales together when showing off Xbox One Titanfall sales.

Have they actually separated the sales numbers yet

Microsoft Logic: More then one platform = One platform

No offence but Microsoft are making this out to be a bigger thing then it is. I highly doubt it's done that well to impress them like that, I think deep down it hasn't done aswell as they were hoping...both MS and EA

Gazondaily2271d ago


But still, Titanfall sold well, regardless of what many on here were saying. But yeah...the npd figures also show that MS have a lot of work cut out for them.

Still...Titanfall wasn't a console exclusive remember? ;) So I wonder how the likes of Halo 5 will helo the X1.

georgeenoob2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Titanfall domination, well deserved. Best multiplayer since cod4 and best critic reviews so far this gen.

Edward752271d ago


I thought like you about a week ago... But look at the article here where Microsoft stepped in to help finish titanfall or else it would've been axed.

So even if it was a little profitable, some.... Is better then none.

4Sh0w2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Well I'm surprised Titanfall didn't propel X1 to #1 for March at least but still a good month. ps4 sales are just phenomenal right now. I think we are still in the "hardcore fanbase" sales period so no doubt the vast majority of the first 10-12 million sales of both are due to their core fanbase/early adopters, what I'm even more interested to see is how will they sell next year to the avg joe.

DragonKnight2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

georgeenoob: Did you make the Axios2 account as well? Or are you both reading off the same Microsoft pamphlet?

**EDIT** @Pogmathoin: I'd rather just give you an Off Topic.

Pogmathoin2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Shows how much Sony thinks of Vita.... Nothing.... But they care about gamers...... Again, gimme my disagrees amoebas.....

Thank you.... Sony could have had TF on Vita, but they thought let em rot....

Dragonknight, everyone is off topic attacking MS on TF..... You blind? I love my PS4, but it gets stupid here.... They blindly attack.... Walking dead here.....
Titanfall ended up being a win win for MS.... Sony turned there noses up at this, but everyone looking forward to TF2 on PS4??????? Talk about two faced fanboys....

thorstein2271d ago


Read what Respawn was saying at the end of that article, then read what the article claims. Certainly Respawn had a Titanfall PS4 version in the works.

EA looks to a 1st party to fund a new IP instead of taking the risk themselves. MS inks the deal and gets exclusivity. That is no guarantee that it would be canned. If SONY stepped up, certainly exclusivity would have gone the other way.

Then, EA kicks themselves realizing that they have a new lucrative IP on their hands.

MeLoveRamen2271d ago

pogmathoin, its obvious you no nothing of the vita or you would know that it has a huge library of games and has about 10-15 must have games for a handheld that are out this year.

HammerKong2271d ago

why dont you directly say that ps and sony are gods and they will only win.

NewMonday2271d ago

a big bet they lost, all the hype and hyperbole and they couldn't win a single month in home turf.

as for Titanfall the sales are just not good enough because it was expected to sell close to games like CoD, Halo and Battlefield but that is not happening.

remember the last game to win March last year? Bioshock:Infinit was a best seller but did not meet the cost and the developers were fired.

darthv722271d ago

the consensus from many regarding TF is that it is CoD with mechs. If the game had released on PS3 and 4 would that consensus still be the same or would it now change because it is more widely available?

The common element in all of these generations i have been part of is this. something good comes out for a platform but not another...results in the berating of that game or platform out of spite.

Every game cant come out for every platform so you either need to buy into the platform to get the game or you stick to the platform that you support and enjoy what comes out.

Envy over something like the release of a game is so petty and still to this day is childish schoolyard behavior. Even from 20, 30, 40 something year olds is just ....sad.

PS, this is not specifically at you dragon, just generally speaking.

WilDRangeRrfc2271d ago

Statement made by Axios2? Butthurt

Revolver_X_2271d ago


Im genuinely not interested in another shooter. Im sure im not alone in this. Im more satisfied PS4 will get Witcher 3.

RumbleFish2271d ago

How would X1's sales be if they hadn't had Titanfall?

GadgetGooch2271d ago Show
Sh0ckWav32271d ago

@foxtrot gonna tell me you forgot when sony use to combine the sales number of the ps3 & psp?
just like sony used to give up the ship to retail numbers, in fact I think this is there first time doing a ship to consumers..

supercpu2270d ago

Agree= 200 odd = this site is full of sony fanatics . Stop with this and enjoy gameing . Peace and love to all gamers .

kopicha2270d ago


Exactly... they forget to mention how pathetic the same game fail in Japan. If it didnt even make a difference for 360 it wont change a thing for X1

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randomass1712271d ago

Actually Titanfall took first place in US. No real word on worldwide numbers, I think. But congrats to 'em anyway.

candy_mafia2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

For a new IP, Titanfall did incredibly well and folks need to recognize that.

People should quit hating on games & consoles. Anyone can see both sides are jealous over what they can't have...Same goes for the awesome Infamous SS.

As gamers we should want AAA games and quality Indie titles to do well. We 'need' all major consoles to thrive for the health of the industry.

Don't hate the players, don't hate the games ;/

Jazz41082271d ago

Have you noticed none of the xbox guys sit on here all day attacking Infamous SS but when it comes to anything xboxone on here and especially Titanfall its hate hate hate. Do you guys really have this must built up rage to troll the internet on ms all day? Im not doctor but this can not be healthy and one thing I am is a gamer and I know this kind of hate is not Good for us as gamers. I am a xbox guy but I own a ps4 and I purchased Infamous in the month of March. Im not going to bash the game as anyone can do that. I enjoyed Infamous for what it is and I also enjoy playing Titanfall and I love what MS is doing with the xboxone and that there attention is on us gamers. With both Sony and Ms selling record consoles we should all be happy as this benifits us all. Many people on here have tried to make a diffrence on n4g but as long as the site is continually led and moderated by a bubble system its not going to get any better. People just seem like they love to hate now days and Karma as we know has a way of evening things out if the moderators will not.

RIP_Weazel2271d ago

..there's a lot of generalisations going on here. I think the fanboys on both sides of the fence tend to drag any debate into the idiotic end of the gutter.
I only own PS consoles, but I’ll happily say if TF2 comes out on PS4, I’d buy it.
(I don’t think there's any value in criticising something that you've had no experience of.)

TitanUp2271d ago

what little i played of titanfall was fun fast paced but it seemed easy because of the bot killing.

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christocolus2271d ago


Im certain E3 is going to be sure these numbers will push MS to keep making even bigger and better investements into 1st , 2nd and 3rd party exclusives. I dont know what its going to be but im expecting some really huge announcements from MS at E3...looking forward to seeing both Phil spencer and Phil harrison on stage that day.

LexHazard792271d ago

I can see it now. MS E3 is gonna hopefully be great. Im expecting gameplay from S.O, Q.B, etc. New games and a (close out the conference)price drop. And the crowd goes wild......! Lol

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Ank6662271d ago

Lol infamous has sold equally well

TitanFall was just ahead by 1-200k units which is obvious cos it launched 11 days early
& was out for 19 days while infamous was only out for 9 days in march

This whole PR thing from M$ has a lot of things twisting
Also saying 5m were sold to retail

What's the point of those numbers
XBone is readily lying around with retailers even in India & UAE(I live here)

But PS4 is totally out of stock in all of Asia & Mid east & retailers are taking bre-bookings for next stock as soon as it arrives

That's the ground reality

RealtorMDandDC2271d ago

Not on Xbox One. It's interesting that MS did not release sales figures on PC, Xbox One and 360.

Claudinho692271d ago

half of them was given for free....

inf3cted12270d ago

If a new COD comes out then it will probably pass Titanfall

(and we all know theres gonna be a new cod)

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Alan_Shore2271d ago

Seems like it sold very well and moved some unit's.

choujij2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

How many did it sell on Xbox One?

Gazondaily2271d ago

That's the magic question.

Soldierone2271d ago

This question, and I want to know how many are actually sold. It says 5 million sold to retailers, and with all the hype it built its obvious retailers bought into it.

Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 had the problem too. Retailers bought into it and it didn't sell as expected.

medman2271d ago

Who cares? Microsoft has been, and still is, completely full of you know what. When you have to tell us how many units you've sold through to retailers when everyone can see those units still sitting on store shelves everywhere despite heavy discounts and free titanfall bundles you've cut your own throat. Microsoft will never learn. Be honest and transparent or keep your mouth shut. They're still spouting b.s. knowing there is a certain percentage of the public that is dumb as bricks and don't understand simple metrics. What Microsoft hasn't said sounds much better than what they've said. Sad.

OrangePowerz2271d ago

Well the last numbers from end of January had been sold 3.1 million and shipped 4 million. I have my doubts that they sold world wide above 900k since end of January

DigitalRaptor2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Enough to know that it wasn't enough.

If they were happy, they'd have let us know by now. That's their MO.

CerealKiller2271d ago

It sold like 1.3 mill idn whats so impressive about that for such a highly anticipated exclusive.

Mankey2271d ago

Here's the thing, for a more modest dev this would be an unequivocal success, but you need to remember EA was betting on this being the next Call of Duty or GTA.

pakua2271d ago

If it gets picked up by MLG or a rival esports group then it may actually be a bigger hit than we see today. Never underestimate the power of the 13 year old esport wannabes.

medman2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

The goal posts keep moving. First, Microsoft said they would "kill Sony" this gen. Oops. Next, Titanfall would be the biggest thing ever. Still outsold in North America, and everywhere else in March despite deep price cuts and bundles giving titanfall away for free. Oops. Now all they have left is the b.s. clouds and directx nonsense that won't amount to a hill of beans. Think about it folks, xbox only gamers are praying that directx will let them experience 1080p, something ps4 gamers are already experiencing, for less money no less. The xbone can only hope for it. Underpowered, oversized, overpriced, still can't figure how to build a console without external power brick. And still not delivering power to match it's direct rival? What the heck is dat brick doing? How did Microsoft f up so colossally?

n4rc2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Says who exactly?

Who exactly is telling you what ea was betting on? Seeing as ea didn't even fund the game on their own, I think your claims of what they were counting on are make belief.

And medman.. Wow dude.. You sure make a hell of a lot of reaching assumptions.. But trying to pawn them off as some kind of fact is laughable.. Even the "kill Sony" outright lie you threw in there

GuruMeditation2271d ago


Those were Microsoft's own words, so try googling before calling someone a liar.

DuneBuggy2271d ago

“Xbox One will surprise the world during E3... We will kill Sony at E3″.Thats from your link. How does that translate to MS winning this whole gen?

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randomass1712271d ago

For a new IP? That's a pretty big feat actually. This game isn't a big name like CoD or InFamous. I think they deserve a pat on the back for marketing a new IP that was exclusive for a less popular console.

Rivitur2271d ago

People don't look at it as a new IP though because of the team behind it they knew what they were getting so for the consumer there really was no risk involved in buying it. It was and is a cod with new paint that's why I don't understand all this it was a gamble crap IMO something like Homefront was a gamble and if that saw the light of day than why would titanfall have a chance to shine.

Pinkdolphinyfg2271d ago

It's a new ip, from a new studio of 50 people, on an install base that is small. Thats impressive.

Hicken2271d ago

It's a new studio made of well known devs.

It's a new IP with a lot in common with one of the biggest franchises around.

It was heavily marketed and bundled.

It didn't sell anywhere near good enough to live up to all that.

Muzikguy2271d ago

All I've heard from from MS is "we have Titanfall" "look at Titanfall" so I think this whole sales thing is perfectly suited. I'm glad the game is a "flop". In the eyes of EA, it's a flop. Everyone knows they were shooting for COD greatness. That's what EA does with everything.(or ruin games) Maybe we can get off this FPS kick now?!

Haki11122271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

@CerealKille Could say the same thing about Second Son and that sold less than Titanfall.

GTgamer2271d ago

So you know Infamous's world wide sales or Nah

CrossingEden2271d ago

And infamous sold only 1 million, it's still an impressive milestone.

ShowGun9012271d ago

1mil on 1 platform VS 1mil+ on two platforms.

there IS a difference, and thats why M$ hasn't sent out the number for XB1-only sales for TF, because (pure speculation here) its less than I:SS...

if it was more, we'd have heard about it by now. if they're quiet about something, pay attention LOL! what they dont say is MUCH more important than what they are saying. the pc/xb1 combined total they let y'all in on? why combine it? (to make it look better!)

Rivitur2271d ago

3 platforms xbone, 360, and PC

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pakua2271d ago

Wrong, Halo is Microsofts 'poster boy' and it's the only reason I bought one. Titanfall was garbage, albeit slightly better than the Call of Duty garbage we see every year.

randomass1712271d ago

Ouch. Sorry you didn't get as much out of it as I did. I certainly didn't think it was garbage, but the campaign and overall performance needed work. Other than that, fighting and using Titans was an absolute blast for me.