10 Rookies We’re Excited for in NBA 2K15

GoodGameBro writes, "We ranked the top 10 rookies we are looking most forward to playing with in NBA 2K15."

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zeroskie2656d ago


Nik Stauskas
Julius Randle
Russ Smith

mrprice332656d ago

There are so many potential interesting guys in this draft. I could have made this a top 30 if I wanted. Thanks for reading!

crxss2656d ago

2k15 should just have rookies on the cover lol

young juice2656d ago

Jabari Parker & andrew wiggins cant wait to see how they evolve over the years

iceman062656d ago

As a KU fan, I think that Wiggins could have used another year in college...But, I understand that combined lure of being a consensus top 3 pick and the money involved. His shot needs work and he needs to learn to finish better after contact at the rim. Other than that, though, he's pretty solid. That being said, if Joel Embid can learn the game, he's going to be a beast. Pack on some weight, keep the footwork, and just learn the nuances. Parker proved that he is pretty much ready for that challenge. He'll be good enough to start on whatever team he ends up on for sure.

crxss2655d ago

Wiggins was great this year for us. Could have taken control of games more but it was great watching him. Hope he lands in a good city. Can't wait for the lottery

iceman062654d ago

@crxss...Yeah, not knocking him. But, he does have some improvement to make for the next level. He's gotta hit that shot more consistently in order to open up his a true triple threat. He's a really good player, but he could use some more seasoning...much like most players that make that jump after one season.

TheFallen13272656d ago

I don't care about basketball

NoobJobz2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

@TheFallen1327 And yet you click on a basketball article and choose to comment on it. Neat.

As for me let me use that 7'5 330 lb guy.

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